HP Color LaserJet 4700

How to Fix Error: 50.2 Fuser Error on HP Color LaserJet 4700

A client from Baltimore, Maryland called in to ask for assistance with their HP Color LaserJet 4700. The machine has Error Message: 50.2 Fuser Error.

One of our technicians visited the site and was able to fix the problem.

Here are the below the troubleshooting details done by our technician to fix the issue:

50.2 Fuser Error

  • Machine is getting 50.2 Fuser Error.
  • The 50.2 fuser error message is a “Slow Fuser” error, which is a time-out error where the fuser is not warming up fast enough.
  • Customer requested a technician on site. 
  • Technician removed and inspected the Fuser and was unable to find visible damage.
  • Did a power drain and checked if the machine is connected straight to a wall outlet.
  • He recommended to replace the Thermistor and the Fuser heating Elemend which is part of the Fuser Assembly.
  • We sent the Fuser and tech went back onsite
  • Installed the Fuser and resolved the issue right away.
  • Tech tested the machine with the customer.
  • Issue is resolved.

We hope that the steps made by our technician could help you fix this problem on your machine. In case you have questions or might need an assistance regarding this, our team in Clear Choice Technical Services can definitely help you determine the issues in your machine that needs to be addressed. Call our team at (410) 220-5299 or send us a message at service@clearchoicetechnical.com