About Managed IT Services

What is Managed IT Services? The process of outsourcing competent and professional IT solutions to a company’s needs, issues, and operations. It is one of the most effective and cost-efficient approaches in solving IT challenges. Managed IT services covers a wide scope of responsibilities. In fact, this outsourcing model is the most reliable for short or long-term issues as well as simple or complex ones.

Both client and manage service provider practice a contractual agreement wherein the service provider is only paid according to the services offered. This way, the client only extends minimal cost as compared to hiring a regular employee for the job. Moreover, the services offered are guaranteed to be the latest, innovative approach following quality metrics and performance. Our team of highly experienced IT specialists have the skills and expertise to address any related concern in minimal cost and risk.

IT Challenges to Deal with

How do you know if you need Managed IT Services? Give our team a call once your company start to struggle in any of the IT challenges below:

Lengthy turnaround time for resolutions
Uncertain IT security
Unclear IT cost forecast
Outdated IT providers
Too expensive cost for average IT services
Uncertain IT strategies and technology plans
Short-staffed IT department

Technology Solutions and Services you can Trust

As mentioned, Clear Choice Technical Services is a versatile team of professionals who will cater to whatever your company needs. Here are some of the few services that our team offers:

Computer Support

Software and network connectivity issues are inevitable in personal computers and laptops. In Clear Choice IT Managed Services, we specialize in troubleshooting software and even hardware problems through on-site or remote help.

Cable Management

Cabling is an essential aspect for your work environment. We offer general cable services which includes below-floor and desk-cable management. We can also provide numerous cabling solutions depending on your company’s need.

Desktop Management

Desktops are vital in the everyday tasks of your staff. Our team keeps it up and running to avoid any work disruption or poor work productivity.

Why Choose Clear Choice Technical Services

The main goal of Clear Choice Managed IT Services is to provide innovative and highly advanced digital solutions to small or medium organizations across United States. From simple system troubleshooting to in-depth coaching and consultation, Clear Choice Technical Services is the team you can trust!

Also, utilizing managed IT services offers a number of benefits for your organization. With our fast and reliable services, there is less down time. That means problems are solved in lesser time and with faster IT processes.

Another advantage is the cost. Unlike hiring an IT staff for these services, the specialists from our team is only paid per service. There is no monthly fees, premium pays, and other employee transactions. It’s a cost-effective solution for all kinds of IT issues.

Compared to hiring an IT employee with a fixed job description, our team is flexible and offers a wide scope of IT services. In fact, we design our modules and solutions according to the need of your company.

Lastly, our team does not only only focus on innovative software and strategic systems. The most important concern is your overall welfare, productivity, and progress individually and as an organization. Got an IT problem on your hands right now? Contact us!