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HP DesignJet 500, 510 and 800 Series Service Manual and Parts Manual





Troubleshooting System Error Codes
Solving Print Quality Problems
Cover Sensors are not Working
The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media
Troubleshooting Paper-Axis Shutdowns
Problems with the Vacuum Fan
Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes
HP-GL/2 color differences in different HP DesignJet Printers
Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions
The Priming Procedure Fails
Using the Power Switch LED to Troubleshoot
Using the Boot-Up Sequence to Troubleshoot
Using the Formatter/Accessory Card LEDs to Troubleshoot

System Error Codes
Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
System Error Codes – Explanation
Error Log Utility
Accessing the Error Log Utility

Ink Supplies Troubleshooting
What are the Ink Supplies?
Ink Cartridges
Identifying the Components
General Information About the Ink Supplies
Some General Precautions When Handling the Ink Supplies
When Should You Replace the Ink Cartridges?
When Should You Replace the Printheads?
Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information
Obtaining Printhead Information
Ink Cartridge Status Messages
Ink Cartridge Status While Replacing
Printhead Status Messages
Printhead History Utility
Accessing the Printhead History Utility
Is the Printer Causing Repetitive Printhead Problems?
Is the User Replacing the Printheads too Early?
Troubleshooting Repetitive Ink Cartridge Messages
Troubleshooting Repetitive Printhead Error Messages
Printhead Error Codes
Summary of Solving Ink Supplies Problems

Service Tests and Utilities
Phone Support
Diagnostics – Self Test
Service Tests (Diagnostics)
Entering the Service Tests Menu
Ink Supply Station
Carriage Movement
Paper Advance Test
Service Utilities
Entering the Service Utilities Menu
Turn Drive Roller
Unlock Carriage
Prime Tubes
Change Cutter
Change Ink Tubes
Printer Information

Service Calibrations
Entering the Service Calibrations Menu
Printhead Alignment (includes PPS Calibration)
Color Calibration
Advance Calibration
Factory Advance Calibration

Print Quality
Print Quality
Print Quality Troubleshooting Checklist
How to Use the Troubleshooting Procedure
What is the Troubleshooting Procedure?
Considerations for Using the Troubleshooting Procedure.
Performing the Troubleshooting Procedure
Troubleshooting Procedure Flowchart
No Printing Defects Found Using the Troubleshooting Procedure
Solving Color Accuracy problems
Color Consistency problems
Long Term Color Bleeding (Glossy Papers)
There are Smears or Scratching on the Printed Media

Parts and Diagrams
Printer Support
Right Hand Cover
Left Hand Cover
Top Cover and Deflectors
Rollfeed Module
Back Platen Assembly
Electronics Module
Power Supply
Cutter Assemblies
Ink Delivery System
Service Station and Spittoon
Service Station Holder
Pinch-Wheel Assemblies
Scan-Axis Motor
Drive Roller Encoder Sensor
Print Platen Assembly
Carriage Assembly
Vacuum Fan
Interconnect Cable
Paper-Axis Motor
Drive Roller
Miscellaneous Items

Removal and Installation
Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Required Tools
Screw Types
Left Hand Cover
Right Hand Cover
Front Panel
Window and Top Cover
Media Deflectors
Left End Roll-Feed
Right End Roll-Feed
Back Platen
Media Sensor
LAN Card
Electronics Module 8
Power Supply
Scan-Axis Motor Assembly
Cutter Assembly
Left Encoder Holder
Cutter Bushing
Cutter Guide Bracket
Drive Roller Encoder Sensor
Trailing Cable
Ink Supply Station
Interconnect PCA
Service Station and Aerosol Fan
Cutter Guide
Print Platen
Service Station Holder
Interconnect Cable
Ink Supply Tubes
Vacuum Fan
Pinch-Arm Mechanism
Pinch-Arm Lever
Pinch-Arm Sensor
Fork Idler, Tensioner and Idler Pulley
Encoder Strip 8-76
Carriage Assembly (Including Belt)
Paper-Axis Motor
Drive Roller
Gear Assemblies 

Preventive Maintenance
Moisture on the Printer
Noisy Carriage Bushing
Belt Swelling
Cleaning the Printer
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Drive Roller/Print Platen
Scheduled Maintenance
Level of Printer Usage
Scan-Axis Maintenance

Functional Overview
SKU Overview
Electrical System
Hardware Description
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Front Panel
Ink Delivery System (IDS)
Ink Supply Station (ISS)
Tubes Assembly
Service Station



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