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LEXMARK C950 Service Manual and Parts Manual


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Notices and safety information
Printhead LED notice
Lithium warning
Safety information

Navigation buttons

General information
Options and features
Printer specifications
Media handling
Tools required for service

Diagnostic information
POR (Power-On Reset) sequence
Error codes and messages
Service checks
Image quality troubleshooting

Diagnostic aids
User operator panel, menus and messages
Accessing service menus
Configuration Menu
Diagnostics Menu
Service Engineer (SE) Menu
Paper jams
Security Reset Jumper
Printer theory of operations
Finisher theory of operations
TTM theory of operations
3TM theory of operations
1TM theory of operations
High capacity feeder theory of operations

Repair information
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Turning the printer off
Removal procedures
Cover removal procedures
Print engine removal procedures
Tray module removal procedures
Bridge unit removal procedures
Finisher removal procedures
High capacity feeder (HCF) removals
Setup and adjustments

Connector locations

Preventive maintenance
Inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance
Cleaning the printer

Preventive maintenance
Inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance
Cleaning the print


How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Operator panel covers (SFP)
Assembly 2: Operator panel (SFP)
Assembly 3: Printhead 1
Assembly 4: Printhead 2
Assembly 5: Drive 1
Assembly 6: Drive 2
Assembly 7: Drive 3
Assembly 8: Cooling fans 1
Assembly 9: Cooling fans 2
Assembly 10: Cooling fans 3
Assembly 11: Developer 1
Assembly 12: Developer 2
Assembly 13: HVPS
Assembly 14: Transfer belt 1
Assembly 15: Transfer belt 2
Assembly 16: Fuser
Assembly 17: Photoconductor
Assembly 18: Waste toner transfer
Assembly 19: Media feed 1
Assembly 20: Media feed 2
Assembly 21: Media feed 3
Assembly 22: Media feed 4
Assembly 23: Tray module media feed 1
Assembly 24: Tray module media transport 1
Assembly 25: Tray module media transport 2
Assembly 26: Tray module covers 1
Assembly 27: Tray module covers 2
Assembly 28: TTM trays
Assembly 29: TTM Media feed 1
Assembly 30: TTM Media feed 2
Assembly 31: TTM left door
Assembly 32: TTM tray support
Assembly 33: TTM drive 1
Assembly 34: TTM drive 2
Assembly 35: TTM cables
Assembly 36: TTM covers
Assembly 37: 1TM front cover
Assembly 38: 1TM cables
Assembly 39: 1TM left door
Assembly 40: 1TM covers
Assembly 41: MPF
Assembly 42: Printer left duplex door
Assembly 43: 2nd transfer roller
Assembly 44: Registration drive
Assembly 45: Redrive 1
Assembly 46: Redrive 2
Assembly 47: Electrical 1
Assembly 48: Electrical 2
Assembly 49: Electrical 3
Assembly 50: Electrical 4
Assembly 51: Base wiring cables
Assembly 52: Printer front door
Assembly 53: Printer covers (SFP) 1
Assembly 54: Printer covers (SFP) 2
Assembly 55: Finisher—bridge unit
Assembly 56: Finisher—bridge top door assembly
Assembly 57: Finisher—media drive 1
Assembly 58: Finisher—media drive 2
Assembly 59: Finisher—media drive 3
Assembly 60: Finisher—covers and front door
Assembly 61: Finisher—covers
Assembly 62: Finisher—stacker bin lift
Assembly 63: Finisher—punch
Assembly 64: Finisher—stapler
Assembly 65: Finisher—media eject
Assembly 66: Finisher—eject and compiler unit
Assembly 67: Finisher—lower exit drive
Assembly 68: Finisher—upper drive
Assembly 69: Finisher—buffer and entrance drive
Assembly 70: Finisher—buffer, transport, and upper drive
Assembly 71: Finisher—electronics
Assembly 72: Finisher—cables
Assembly 73: Booklet maker 1
Assembly 74: Booklet maker 2
Assembly 75: Booklet maker 3
Assembly 76: Booklet maker 4
Assembly 77: Booklet maker 5
Assembly 78: Booklet maker 6
Assembly 79: Booklet maker 7
Assembly 80: Booklet maker 8
Assembly 81: Booklet maker 9
Assembly 82: High capacity feed (HCF)—covers and media tray
Assembly 83: High capacity feed (HCF)—media tray
Assembly 84: High capacity feed (HCF)—media tray lift
Assembly 85: High capacity feed (HCF)—media feed unit 1
Assembly 86: High capacity feed (HCF)—media feed unit 2
Assembly 87: High capacity feed (HCF)—top door and transport
Assembly 88: High capacity feed (HCF)—drive and electrical
Assembly 89: Miscellaneous


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