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LEXMARK CS820de, CS820dte, CS820dtfe Service Manual and Parts Manual

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LEXMARK CS820de, CS820dte, CS820dtfe Service Manual and Parts Manual


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Service Manual Table of Contents


General caution statements

General information

Printer model configurations
Finding the serial number
Paper and specialty media guide
Supported paper sizes, types, and weights
Paper guidelines
Using specialty media

Data security notice
Tools required for service

Diagnostic information

Troubleshooting overview

Performing the initial troubleshooting check

Fixing print quality issues

Initial print quality check
Blank or white pages, or one color missing check
Dark print check
Ghost images check
Gray or colored background check
Horizontal dark lines check
Light print check
Mottled print and dots check
Print crooked or skewed check
Solid color or black images check
Text or images cut off check
Toner easily rubs off check
Uneven print density check
Vertical dark lines or streaks check
Vertical white lines or voids check
Blurred print or misaligned color check
Image banding check
Image void (process direction) check
Random marks check
Repeating defects check

Paper jams
Avoiding jams
Identifying jam locations
Paper jam in trays
Paper jam in the multipurpose feeder
Paper jam in the standard bin
Paper jam in door B
Paper jam in the finisher bin
Staple jam in door G
200 paper jams
201–202 paper jams
212 paper jams
213 paper jams
221–230 paper jams
231 paper jams
232 paper jams
240 paper jams
241 paper jams
242 paper jams
243 paper jams
244 paper jams
245 paper jams
42y paper jams
43y paper jams

User attendance messages
User attendance messages (0‑99)
Cartridge or photoconductor error service check
Mismatched paper size service check
Insufficient memory service check
Complex page service check
PPDS font error service check
Flash memory failure service check
Insufficient flash memory service check
Network service check
Unsupported internal option service check
Disabled port service check
Excess options service check
Incompatible hardware option service check
Hard disk failure service check
Maintenance kit service check

Printer hardware errors
10y errors
110 errors
12y errors
13y errors
14y errors
15y errors
160–161 errors
162–165 errors
166–169 errors
17y errors
600 errors
6yy errors
Procedure before starting the 9yy service checks
900 errors
98y errors

Output option hardware errors
302 and 323 errors
Service option software error service check

Printer symptoms
Input option symptoms
Staple finisher symptoms

Service menus

Understanding the printer control panel
Using the control panel
Understanding the status of the power button and indicator light
Using the home screen
Printing a menu settings page

Diagnostics menu
Entering the Diagnostics menu
Event Log
Advanced Print Quality Samples
Input tray quick print
Printer Setup
Printer diagnostics and adjustments
Additional input tray diagnostics
Output device diagnostics
Entering invalid engine mode

Repair information

Removal precautions
Data security notice
Handling ESD‑sensitive parts
Controller board/control panel replacement
Restoring the printer configuration after replacing the controller board
Restoring solutions, licenses, and configuration settings
Updating the printer firmware
Backing up eSF solutions and settings
Disconnecting ribbon cables

Printhead alignment adjustment
Registration adjustment
Color alignment adjustment

Removal procedures

Left side removals
Left upper cover removal
Fuser removal
Transfer roller removal
Duplex drive gears removal
Duplex release latch removal
Deskew roller sensor guide removal
Plastic connector cover removal
Metal connector cover removal
Left door, duplex, and MPF removal
MPF pick roller removal
MPF pick guide removal
MPF tray stop removal
Redrive removal
Redrive gear removal
Sensor (input) removal
Sensor (MPF/pass-through) with deflector removal
Reference edge motor gearbox removal
Isolation roller gear removal

Right side removals
Vent cover removal
Column outer cover removal
Right cover removal
Printhead fan removal
Printhead removal
Motor (printhead wiper) removal

Front side removals
Keyboard attach cover removal
Control panel support cover removal
Control panel button kit removal
Control panel board removal
Control panel removal
Developer unit and photoconductor unit removal
Inner upper cover removal
Inner lower cover removal
Front door removal
Transfer belt removal
Pick roller removal
Separator pad removal
Door rod cover removal
Sensor (door interlock) removal
HVPS fan removal
Main HVPS removal
PC unit/developer door removal
Lower front cover removal
Paper feeder removal
Sensor (auto alignment) removal
Sensor (TPS) removal
TPS sensor wiper removal
Developer/PC unit CMY wiper rail removal
Developer/PC unit K wiper rail removal

Rear side removals
Controller board cover removal
Rear lower cover removal
Rear left cover removal
Rear upper cover removal
Charge roller HVPS removal
Controller board SIM removal
Controller board removal
Main fan removal
LVPS removal
LVPS cage removal
Weather station removal
Controller board cage removal
Toner add motor gearbox (K, C, and M) removal
Toner add motor gearbox (Y) removal
Main fan duct removal
EP, developer, toner add gearbox removal
Fuser/transfer belt motor gearbox removal
Waste toner gear removal
Toner supply actuator removal
Smart chip interface board removal
Toner cartridge contact removal
Toner add tube removal

Top side removals
Standard bin insert cover removal
Sensor cover removal

550-sheet tray removals
550-sheet tray media size sensor actuators removal
Sensor (550-sheet tray media size) removal
Sensor (550-sheet tray media low) removal
Sensor (550-sheet tray jam door)
550-sheet tray right rail removal
550-sheet tray paper feeder removal
Sensor (550-sheet tray media out) removal
550-sheet tray media out sensor actuator removal
550-sheet tray rear cover removal
550-sheet tray controller board removal
550-sheet tray interface cable removal
Sensor (550-sheet tray pick roller index) removal
550-sheet tray left rail removal
Motor (550-sheet tray pass‑through) removal
550-sheet tray wake up switch removal

2200-sheet tray removals
2200-sheet tray insert removal
Bell crank removal
2200-sheet tray rail removal
Sensor (2200-sheet tray media low) removal
Sensor (2200-sheet tray media size) removal
2200-sheet tray rear cover removal
2200-sheet tray controller board removal
2200-sheet tray interface cable removal
2200-sheet tray elevator gears removal
Motor (2200-sheet tray elevator) removal
2200-sheet tray paper feeder removal
Sensor (2200-sheet tray media out) removal
Sensor (2200-sheet tray pick roller index) removal
Motor (2200-sheet tray pick) removal
2200-sheet tray media out sensor actuator removal
2200-sheet tray wake up switch removal

Caster base removals
Locking caster removal
Non‑locking caster removal

Staple finisher removals
Staple finisher right cover removal
Staple finisher front cover removal
Staple finisher rear cover removal
Staple finisher controller board removal
Staple finisher staple cartridge door removal
Staple finisher jam access door removal
Staple finisher lock assembly removal
Staple finisher bottom cover removal
Staple finisher staple cartridge door switch removal
Staple finisher inner rear cover removal
Sensor (staple finisher lower bin full) removal
Sensor (staple finisher upper bin full) removal
Staple finisher interface cable removal
Motor (staple finisher upper exit roller) removal
Staple finisher rear upper position exit roller gears removal
Staple finisher staple unit ejector removal
Sensor (staple finisher stack clamp) removal
Staple finisher staple unit removal
Staple finisher jam door switches removal
Staple finisher stack clamp removal
Staple finisher stack clamp solenoid removal
Motor (staple finisher aligner paddle) removal
Staple finisher transport gears removal
Staple finisher aligner paddle gears removal
Sensor (staple finisher upper exit roller) removal
Staple finisher exit gears removal
Staple finisher front upper position exit roller gears removal
Staple finisher exit roller belts removal
Staple finisher tamper assembly removal
Staple finisher tamper top cover removal
Sensor (staple finisher tamper position) removal
Motor (staple finisher tamper) removal
Staple finisher tamper belts removal
Staple finisher tamper pulley gear removal
Staple finisher tamper removal
Staple finisher bin link removal
Staple finisher bin removal
Staple finisher compiler feed roller removal
Staple finisher compiler paper guide removal
Staple finisher compiler feed idler removal
Staple finisher aligner paddle and upper paper guide removal
Staple finisher upper exit roller removal
Staple finisher entrance paper guide removal
Staple finisher bin clamp assembly removal
Sensor (staple finisher bin clamp) removal
Motor (staple finisher bin clamp) removal
Motor (staple finisher exit) removal
Motor (staple finisher transport) removal
Staple finisher decurl assembly removal
Sensor (staple finisher staple unit paper present) removal
Sensor (staple finisher decurl) removal
Sensor (staple finisher transport) removal

Component locations

Printer configurations

Printer roller locations

Printer sensor locations

Printer motor locations

Power supply locations—Rear

Staple finisher locations


Scheduled maintenance
Maintenance kits
Resetting the maintenance counter

Cleaning the printer parts
Cleaning the printer

Parts Catalog Table of Contents

Assembly 1: Covers 1
Assembly 2: Covers 2
Assembly 3: Control panel
Assembly 4: Duplex
Assembly 5: Left door
Assembly 6: Feeder
Assembly 7: Frame
Assembly 8: Fuser
Assembly 9: Electronics—Front
Assembly 10: Electronics—Rear
Assembly 11: Registration
Assembly 12: Motors
Assembly 13: Printhead
Assembly 14: Toner supply
Assembly 15: Redrive
Assembly 16: Transfer—Front
Assembly 17: Transfer—Rear
Assembly 18: 550-sheet tray
Assembly 19: 550‑sheet tray—Rear
Assembly 20: 550‑sheet tray—Front
Assembly 21: 2200‑sheet tray
Assembly 22: 2200‑sheet tray—Front
Assembly 23: 2200‑sheet tray—Rear
Assembly 24: Caster base
Assembly 25: Cables
Assembly 26: Maintenance kits
Assembly 27: Staple finisher option
Assembly 28: Staple finisher—Covers
Assembly 29: Staple finisher—Front
Assembly 30: Staple finisher—Electrical
Assembly 31: Staple finisher—Rear
Assembly 32: Staple finisher—Tamper
Assembly 33: Staple finisher—Transport
Assembly 34: Staple finisher—Bottom

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