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TOSHIBA e-STUDIO 1058/1208 Service Manual and Parts List

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Service Manual Table of Contents

Parts List Table of Contents

Exteriors 1
Exteriors 2
Operation unit
Operation panel arm section
Keyboard section
DSPF exteriors
DSPF paper feed tray unit
DSPF paper feed unit
DSPF separate unit
DSPF upper door unit
DSPF double feed detect unit
DSPF upper transport unit
DSPF lower transport unit 1
DSPF lower transport unit 2
DSPF scanner unit
DSPF drive unit
DSPF PWB section
DSPF frame section
Scanner unit 1
Scanner unit 2
1st/2nd paper feed tray 1
1st/2nd paper feed tray 2
1st/2nd paper feed tray 3
1st/2nd paper feed tray 4
3rd/4th paper feed tray
3rd/4th paper feed unit 1
3rd/4th paper feed unit 2
Vertical transport unit
Interface pass unit
Vertical transport door unit
Upper transport unit
LCC interface transport unit
Resist roller unit 1
Resist roller unit 2
LSU section
Process unit 1
Process unit 2
Process unit 3
Process unit 4
MC unit
Toner tray
Toner hopper unit
DV unit 1
DV unit 2
Transfer unit 1
Transfer unit 2
Transfer unit 3
Fusing unit 1
Fusing unit 2
Fusing unit 3
Fusing unit 4
ADU delivery unit 1
ADU delivery unit 2
ADU delivery unit 3
ADU delivery unit 4
ADU delivery unit 5
ADU delivery unit 6
ADU delivery unit 7
Tandem drive unit 1
Tandem drive unit 2
Multiple steps drive unit
Transport drive unit 1
Transport drive unit 2
Drum drive unit 1
Drum drive unit 2
Waste toner drive unit
Fusing drive unit
Decurler drive unit
Control PWB section
Power supply section
Middle frame section 1
Middle frame section 2
Front frame section
Rear frame section 1
Rear frame section 2
Rear frame section 3
Frame section 1
Frame section 2
Wiring section
Wire saddle, Core