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5 Factors To Consider To Better Compare Copiers Before Buying Them Leave a comment

A huge percentage of businesses in the US now rely on copiers for speedy and affordable reproduction of necessary office documents and paperwork. It used to be that a couple of computers, a scanner and a printer would be required. Nowadays, however, a couple of computers and a reliable multifunction copier would be enough.

But what exactly makes a copier reliable? What should we be looking for when buying copiers so that we can invest our capital on a machine that is well worth it? Here’s a checklist:

What To Look For When Comparing Copiers

(1) Ease Of Operation

It is a common misconception that when copiers are multi-function, they are automatically complicated and difficult to use. However, this is easily debunked by top-notch brands such as Canon, HP, and Xerox who are known to have very simple designs resulting to user-friendly interface and controls. In a commissioned survey in Canada for example, 8 out of 10 Canadian office workers rate the Canon copier as easy to use and thus would likely choose it over other brands. Consider this feature when comparing copiers for best experience with the product you’ll be getting.

(2) Paper-Per-Minute Speed

Page-per-minute as suggestive as it sounds refer to the number of pages a copier can produce per minute. If you are the type of company to produce paper copies higher than typical offices, then it is best to get a machine with an automatic document feeder. This is ideal for law firms and marketing departments needing to copy contracts and brochures or leaflets. Most multi-function copiers have high page per minute machines with said automatic document feeder, all you have to do is compare the number of pages per minute. Consider this when comparing copiers for efficiency purposes.

(3) Connectivity-Network Print, Scan, And Fax

Today’s advanced technology already requires connectivity to almost any endeavor. All the more is it pressing in business and offices where several people work on different units of computers and machine.

In the field of copiers, the presence of connectivity network allows a wireless integration of all machines in one system. This way, any user can access the copier and even access files which were just copied by only one user. If that is not amazing enough, network-connectivity also allows you to print straight from an email you received on your smartphone or any other handheld device such as tablets and laptops. If your copier is multi-function with scan and fax, any file you scan or fax can easily be sent to any employee’s computer or smartphone as long as it is within the office network. Consider this when comparing for convenience.

(4) Price vs. Performance

The performance like Copier Lease New York almost always depends on the price. The more expensive copier, of course, has better performance and perhaps a more updated set of features. It is however also dependent on brand names sometimes. One can still find a reliable brand at a cheaper cost even if they can perform the same functions. It is simply the carried brand name that’s making the machine pricier. Consider this factor, so you actually get your entire penny’s worth.

(5) Shortcomings

Lastly, look for the trade-offs and giveaways as well. More often than not, a machine with a feature that is unbelievably excellent comes with a trade-off of losing other important features. A very cheap and fast copier, for example, can give up colored printing as a trade-off. So look for machine shortcomings early on and check if the price of the machine you’re getting is still good value despite said shortcomings.

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