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5 Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Business Copiers Leave a comment

Copiers that are utilized for business are the greatest investments. Once you have this, you can keep the operations in your office smooth sailing. You just have to make sure that the copier leasing equipment that you will be purchasing best fits your needs. For you to do so, there are key features that your machine should have. Since some machines need to be inspected on a regular basis, you have to make the effort of checking the warranty information, the brands that are available in your area and the service agreements that go with the machine before making that purchase.

Look for a Productive Copier

Consider your office needs and look for a copier that can meet your production requirements. Ask yourself, ‘how much can this copy machine produce?’ When doing so, also consider its warm up time, paper capacity, and printing speed. One of the biggest disappointments that offices have with copiers is that they take too long to ‘warm up’ and manufacturers of quality machines have designed their products to minimize it.

The best copiers can hold 1,000 sheets of paper and some even 3,000 or more. High capacity copiers can also produce over 100,000 copies per month in normal service. And as for printing speed, you’d like to go for copiers that can manage 35 to 45 copies more per minute. In fact, many copiers today can produce copies at 85 pages per minute.

You should also consider what other functions are needed aside from producing copies. Bigger copiers have the ability to do printing, faxing, and other related functions more quickly.

Colored Versus Black and White Copiers

If you do not cater to promotional ads such as producing colored photos or brochures, then maybe you can opt for the machine that only uses black ink. By doing so, you can save money. Another consideration in the purchase of this kind of item is your budget. However, if you think that choosing the machine that can produce colored copies will be more cost-effective, you can consider that too.

Multi-function Devices are Worth Every Penny

If you want to save time and money, you can consider getting a copier for multi-use. Most devices today are also used as photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, and printers. For you to be able to maximize all these features, you can first review what each department for your office needs. This way, you can make sure if a multi-function copier can be beneficial to your company or not.  Also, you need to consider the level of support you can get from the company you buy or lease the machine from; they should provide you email, phone, and online support for a seamless customer experience.

Do You Need Special Storage?

When purchasing a business copier, special storage is an added feature essential to personnel who are assigned to produce forms and checklists regularly. This type of feature allows some machines to store digital document copies, electronic transfers of documents and even virtually line up all the copy jobs. Just make sure that the machine will be able to handle the workload needed.

Wireless Printing Capability and Security Features

Nowadays, printing can be done remotely. Most of the latest models have the feature of wireless printing. Since this feature can be taken advantage of, you can authenticate system for network security in the office. The feature can also make everyone’s job easier because even if you are far from the machine, you can have your work printed at once.

With these key features, you now have an idea of what to look for when you purchase a copier for business. You just have to make sure that the features you choose can be maximized by everyone in your office to get your money’s worth.

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