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Ask These 5 Questions Before Finally Signing Up To A Copier Rental Service

Copier Rental Services

High-quality printers that are packed with advanced technology can do magic in increasing the productivity of your business operation. However, despite the advantages and ease in the flow of work these devices can bring, these machines are not as affordable as anyone want them to be.

If you are just starting a new business that requires large volumes of documents to be printed every day or would want to add a new set of equipment to improve the quality of your operation, you surely need printers that are robust enough to keep up with your company demands. Rather than purchasing these kinds of devices in retail shops, one of the best ways to acquire them is by subscribing to copier rentals. Teaming up with copy leasing services will not only reduce your responsibility in-office devices but this partnership will also affect your expenditures in the long run.

Before signing up with copy leasing providers, here are the 5 questions that you need to raise:

1. Is this tie-up within your budget?

Making sure that you are able to compensate the services delivered by your copier rental provider for the whole duration of the undertakings is important. You have to remember that this partnership involves legal documents that can hold you responsible for breaching any term including the incapability to grant the agreed payment.

2. What type of leasing suits you the best?

There are two types of leasing that you have to know and these are the capital and operating lease.

Capital lease involves longer contract terms, tie-up funds (taxes which depreciate over time and interests) and are not cancellable. It is also considered as a loan on your part as the lessee. At the end of the deal, the ownership of the asset (printer or copier) will be transferred to you.

Operating lease, on the other hand, only comes in short terms and can be considered as rentals which means that it will be counted as your company’s operating expenses. You also have the power to request an upgrade of equipment if you wish to and there will be no transfer of asset at the end of the contract compared to a capital lease.

3. How long will the partnership last?

It is important to know the period of the contract because it will also determine the number of years that you will be using your printer. If your type of leasing is considered as the capital lease, the term of the contract can last up to five years. The downside of this is your device will become outdated and will not be as competitive at the end of the deal.

4. What are the terms indicated in the contract?

You have to carefully read the terms indicated in the contract because these documents can be technical and contain terminologies that you need to study further. Be sure to give your full attention to the contract period, the cost that you have to pay (including the extra fees), as well as troubleshooting and schedule of maintenance.

5. What are the printer or copier brands being offered by the service provider?

Knowing the brands and models being offered to you by your copier leasing provider is essential so you would also have the choice and do your own assessment if the device is suitable for your operation.

If you do not have a good experience with a certain brand in the past, make sure to raise this concern to your provider.

Before you decide to tie up with copy rental service providers, make sure to know if your company can afford the partnership, what kind of leasing suits your business capabilities, how long the partnership will last, the terms stipulated in the contract, and what are the printer or copier brands that they offer.

It is important to assess the capability of you and your potential lessor as well as the terms under the contract to secure not only the high performance of your company’s operations but its interests as well.

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