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Avoiding Inkjets to Save Your Money


IN THIS TIME and age, people want the best value out of anything with the least amount of spending as possible, be it buying small things like a pen and notebook to deciding on huge investments like a condo or a house and lot. Printers are no exemption.

There are various make, model, and price of printers you will come across in every store. Don’t be deceived with the price tag on display. It is more important to consider the costs you will possibly incur in the long run than just the initial amount you will pay at the counter when you have picked your choice of a printer.

Inkjet printers may seem to entice you with its unbelievably affordable price, but the cost of its ink cartridges will doubly compensate for its easy price. Right off the hook, inkjet printers’ ink cartridges are expensive. Not only are they gonna suck the life out of your wallet, some ink cartridges’ chip sends wrong signals as to the level of ink left on the cartridge. Even though there are still ink left, it will tell you it has none already and will prevent the printer from printing unless you replace the cartridge. What a sham!

Quality-wise of the printouts, inkjet printers tend to fade more quickly after some time. The ink is water-based, which means that when your paper comes in contact with water, expect to see ink running across page creating blotches. Not only wasting the expensive ink, but your paper ruined and wasted too!

Inkjet printers are also known for its slow to medium paced printing. If you need many pages to be printed in the least amount of time possible, you are better off going for a laser printer.

Taking into consideration the ink cartridge replacements, quality of printouts and the speed, you are really not getting the best value for this printer. If you want to save money, avoiding inkjets is the best decision you could ever make.

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