9 Aug 2017

Functions of a Photocopier Machine

The photocopier machine is one of the most innovative inventions of the 20th century. Before mobile phones and tablets dominated the world of technology, copier machines were one of the reigning leaders. So, what exactly is a
9 Aug 2017

Early Copy Machines and What They Were Called

Chester Carlson, a patent attorney, is the first person to produce a copy. He was able to do this in the year 1937 by using static electricity, and he called it electro photography. A year later, the
9 Aug 2017

Copy Machine Drum Replacement Tips

A machine drum is one of the most important parts of a copier. It works like a rolling stamp that applies the toner to the page. It uses high-intensity light and conducts electricity as the image is
9 Aug 2017

Copier Service Contracts – Tips in Choosing the Best One

The idea of signing up a contract agreement can be quite intimidating. That’s why it is important that you understand the things that you need and the ones that you don’t before you get your company tied
9 Aug 2017

Copier Industry Trends Through the Years

The first copier in history was invented by Chester Carlson in the year 1938. Back then, he just used static electricity created with a handkerchief, light, and dry powder to produce copy. But it was not until
8 Aug 2017

Copier Consumables: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ink and Toners!

A photocopier has two important parts: One can be referred to as consumable while the other is mechanical. The mechanical parts are dealt with by trained technicians. Thus, not much need be discussed about it. Even employees
8 Aug 2017

Copier Components and Their Respective Vital Functions

A copier’s inner workings are one of the most complex machine components in an office. Although a copier’s function is pretty straightforward, laymen end users are not exactly trained as to the repair and maintenance of its
8 Aug 2017

Why the Copier Business Will Still Survive the Digital Age

The future of photocopiers is currently met with conflicting views. Some say that photocopiers are on the path of becoming obsolete. This is due to reports that say workers are now relying less and less on actual
8 Aug 2017

Finding Out The Useful Life Of Copier and How To Extend It

A continuous flow of productivity in an office can be attributed to two things: 1. Workers 2. Equipment. If you have hardworking people then half of the job is considered done. It is when the office equipment
28 Jul 2017

5 Factors To Consider To Better Compare Copiers Before Buying Them

A huge percentage of businesses in the US now rely on copiers for speedy and affordable reproduction of necessary office documents and paperwork. It used to be that a couple of computers, a scanner and a printer