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Copier Cartridges – How to Replace an Old One Leave a comment

There are a handful of companies out there that make copier cartridges – Xerox, Canon, Brother, etc. Just make sure always to buy the high-quality products to avoid causing damage to your machine. To make sure that you’re spending your money wisely, buy your copier cartridge and other accessories from authorized dealers only.

Although different copier brands have varying designs, they all have similar-looking ‘nooks’ for their cartridges. So the following steps should walk you through successfully replacing your cartridge no matter which manufacturer it’s from.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Replacing Your Cartridge

  •    Open the top cover of your machine.
  •    Carefully remove the old cartridge.
  •    Take out the new cartridge from the protective bag. Do not discard the protective bag as you may need it when you remove the cartridge for maintenance and other purposes.
  •    Shake the cartridge to distribute the toner evenly.
  •    Place the cartridge on a flat surface. Cover it with an old cloth or newspaper to prevent stains.
  •    Carefully remove the tab and pull out the sealing tape. Do not pull the sealing tape in a diagonal direction, either upwards or downwards. If the tape is severed, you may find it difficult to remove it completely. You need to pull this out completely as the remains may cause poor print quality.
  •    Install the cartridge in its place; push it until it touches the back of the machine, and all sides match the guides printed inside.
  •    Close the top cover. You’ll know if you haven’t correctly installed the new cartridge because you’ll have a hard time closing it. Do not forcefully close the cover as it will damage your machine; try re-installing the cartridge instead.

Instructions are also written on the cartridge packaging. You can check out the illustrations to get a clear idea on what you should do. Changing the cartridge on your copier may sound like a simple thing, but you should never take it lightly. If you don’t give it your full attention, you may cause damage to your machine more dangerous than you know.

So if you’re quite unsure about doing it yourself, ask someone from your IT department to do it. You may also call the help and support department of your copier to lend you a hand. Changing your cartridge is just one of the many reasons why you should always choose a dealer that has reliable customer care.

When to Change Your Cartridge

Some copiers are designed with a feature that lets you know in advance if you’re ink is getting low, but there are still models that give you warning through poor print quality. If you notice that your copier starts producing faded images and texts, it’s about time to replace your cartridge. Just refer to the instructions provided above, or you can also check your machine’s manual.

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