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Nowadays, almost any type of business makes use of photocopiers; getting a good print is even a matter of life and death for some offices. The quality of print that you get will depend on the quality of your machine. If you got one from a famous brand like Xerox or Brother, you could expect quality print that will uphold the company’s name. But if you got a cheap model from some unknown brand, the quality of your prints may not be awe-inspiring.    

Your ideal copier depends on what you need for your business. Copier machines of today have many features to choose from, and the best multifunction models are built for heavy office use. They are equipped with large capacity paper trays and accessories. The task of choosing can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a specific model in mind yet.  The following information should give you some idea.

What to Look for in a Multifunction Copier?

  •    Image Quality – if you need to produce high volumes of documents for your business, you’d probably want to go for a model with high resolution. A copier with 1,200 x 1,200 dpi can produce excellent colored brochures, reports and other marketing materials for you.
  •    Production Capacity – if producing copies is the ‘heart’ of your business, you can’t be slowed down by a malfunctioning machine. You need to choose a model that produces copies quickly and efficiently. Check the paper capacity of the model; it will tell you the maximum amount of paper that it can store at one time. Having a machine that has large paper capacity can help you finish more projects without reloading the paper tray often.
  •    Design – choosing the right design of a copier goes beyond aesthetic reasons, it’s also important for security purposes. In a company where everything needs to be confidential, features such as user authentication and secured printing are must-haves. And if you have limited physical cabling in the office, a copier that has support for wireless connectivity comes in handy.
  •     Help and Support – make sure that the company you purchase or lease your machine from offers good customer service, if not the best. Getting a hold of the right person whenever you need one is crucial to your experience as a customer. It is imperative that your problems are solved promptly to avoid prolonged production downtime in your business.

A copier plays a major role in your business – it is reason why you want to buy or lease one in the first place. The productivity rate of your employees relies heavily on the efficiency of your machine so choose one wisely. Once you find the right copier for your business, you can start producing high quality images that will make your company stand out from the competition. You’ll get a variety of projects in tow and multitasking will no longer be anyone’s problem.

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