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Copier Repair Tools: What Every Technician Needs Leave a comment

Copier technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable to handle all problems that you may encounter with your machine. You can get their services straight from your copier dealer, or you can also hire one on your own.

Here’s a short list of the standard repair tools that a copier technician carries in his or her toolbag:

  •    Screwdrivers
  •    Offset screwdrivers
  •    Magnetic pickup tools
  •    ESD system
  •    Flashlight
  •    Pliers
  •    Different kinds of multimeters
  •    Toner vacuum cleaner
  •    Inspection mirrors
  •    Chip extractor
  •    Spring hooks
  •    Soldering iron
  •    Wire stripper
  •    Electric tape
  •    Rags
  •    Compressed cans of air

Some of the tools mentioned may already be familiar with you, but some may still sound strange. Let’s take a look at these tools in detail for your information.

What is an ESD System?

ESD stands for Emergency Shut Down. It is a system designed to minimize the consequences of emergency situations related to typically uncontrolled flooding, an escape of hydrocarbons, or outbreak of fire in hydrocarbon carrying areas or areas which may otherwise be dangerous.

What are Multimeters?

Multimeters are also referred to as multitester or volt-ohm-milliameters. These are electronic measuring instruments that combine several measurement functions in one unit. Multimeters can measure voltage or current using a moving pointer to show the reading.

What is a Chip Extractor?

Chip extractors are used by technicians to safely and quickly remove integrated circuits from their sockets. By using this tool, they avoid damaging the parts of a copier. They are usually made from stainless steel and hard plastic.

What is a Spring Hook?

Working with small springs can be quite frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. Copier technicians use spring hooks to push and pull small springs into place. It reaches into areas that your fingers can’t, and it doesn’t cost any damage to the springs as pliers and tweezers will.

What is a Soldering Iron?

It is a hand-held tool used by technicians for soldering. It uses heat to connect two workpieces by melting solder to flow into the joint. The parts of a soldering iron include a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Technicians use this tool to repair, install or assemble electronic parts of machines.

What is a Wire Stripper?

A wire stripper looks very similar to a pair of pliers. It is also a hand-held device mainly used to remove electrical insulation from electric wires. There are three types of wire stripper that you can buy from any hardware stores or online: manual, automatic, and laser.

What are Compressed Cans of Air?

This is also called gas duster or canned air. Technicians use it to clean or dust electronic equipment and other sensitive devices that cannot be washed with water. It uses compressed gas to remove dust bunnies from keyboards, cooling vents of computers, and other electronic equipment such as a copier.

Depending on their level of expertise, some technicians carry more repair tools than others. The important thing is that you can get technical assistance whenever you need it to keep your copier working like new.

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