Konica Minolta Lease:High Production Prints

Deciding on the right copier for your business can be tough. With so many different machines on the market, there’s a lot to consider. If your company focuses on high volume production and image quality, then the Konica Minolta brand is an excellent choice.

Konica Minolta Leasing System

Konica Minolta’s range of high-quality production copiers are among the preferred business machines today. According to Expert Market, a company that sources office equipment and services for enterprises:

“All Konica Minolta photocopiers use the Bizhub open platform, which means that loyal clients are able to swap and change their copiers to meet changing requirements without the need to learn how to use a whole new system.

The advantage of the Bizhub open platform is that once a user understands the basics, they can use any copier in the Konica Minolta range whether it be a standard black and white copier or a complete copying system. The graphical user interface is both visually appealing and easy to use, with large LCD screens and clearly labeled buttons that allow for one-touch copying.”

Konica Minolta is a world leader in professional and trusted copier and printer solutions. From sales and rentals to maintenance and repairs, the performance of all the machines speaks for itself.

The considerable range of Konica Minolta products is sure to provide the best product for every client’s needs. Here some of Konica Minolta’s unmatched production copier machines:

  • bizhub PRO 951
  • bizhub PRO 754e
  • bizhub PRO C754
  • bizhub PRO C71hc
  • bizhub PRO C754e
  • bizhub PRO C65hc
  • bizhub PRO C6501
  • bizhub PRO C5501
  • bizhub PRESS 1052
  • bizhub PRO C1060L
  • bizhub PRO C6000L
  • bizhub PRESS C70hc
  • bizhub PRESS C71hc
  • bizhub PRO C652DS
  • bizhub PRESS 2250P
  • bizhub PRESS C8000
  • bizhub PRESS 1250/P
  • bizhub PRESS C8000e
  • bizhub PRO C1060 / C1070
  • bizhub PRESS C1085 / C1100
  • bizhub PRESS C6000 / C7000/P
  • bizhub PRESS C1060 / C1070 / P

From small enterprises to large corporations in need of a dependable multifunctional copier, Konica Minolta’s industry experience and expertise will certainly meet all of your needs. You can buy, rent, or lease depending on your immediate business goals.

Why Rent Konica Minolta Copier Now

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the ratio of copier buying vs. leasing was about 50/50. Today, 80% of businesses, medical practices, and schools (public and private K-12, as well as universities) area lease their copiers.

The main reason for this trend comes from the unprecedented growth of technology in the past decade, leading consumers to realize that copier/multifunction devices don’t need to become staple company assets as new and improved versions are always just around the corner. Simply, a copier isn’t a copier anymore. Before, copiers just copied documents, and that’s the end of their function. Today they now copy, print, scan, fax, and serve as an integral part of document management in every institution.

That’s why, renting a copier is a better option since companies can gauge their budgets and allocate enough funds for copier upgrades every 2-3 years. Also, leasing paves the way for better savings as new technologies become more affordable and more energy efficient.

Konica Minolta Copier Rental by Clear Choice Technical

Leasing heavy-duty equipment such as copiers can be for just a few months or up to a year. For low payment cost and maintenance security, choose Clear Choice Technical Services.

With a wide-array of top copier brands like Konica Minolta, you can consider all of your document handling concerns solved. Check out the best leasing options and call 866 620 2287 today!