Buy a Copier and Invest Right

The next time your business needs new computers or other heavy-duty equipment, there’s always the question of whether to buy or lease. Perhaps you already have thought of the ideal features, and you are just awaiting the board’s approval, still you’re uncertain about the pros and cons of buying instead of leasing.

Why Buy Copy Machine Instead of Leasing?

The acquisition of high-cost machines such as copiers all boils down to your organization’s needs. To some, leasing is the better option since they only have limited responsibility for the machine. On the other hand, buying can prove to be a sound investment since your company will have full control over the machine and all of the maintenance costs that come with it.

While taking out a lease can cut costs and save your business from the exorbitant prices of sourcing a new machine. Buying a copy machine allows you to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Time Saver – You can save big bucks by eliminating the time employees spend going to and from copy centers. If you can cut ten to twenty minutes off every print run by having a company-owned copier, productivity within your organization will drastically improve.
  • Network Ready – Project management within your company also requires independent tasks accomplished throughout the day. Buying a copy machine enables your business to access the networking features of copiers for smooth task management.
  • Environment-friendly – Sustaining a particular model of copier helps save the environment by limiting companies from creating new versions all the time. Heavy-duty machines can go on with decades of use as long as they are well maintained.
  • Grow your Business – Owning multifunctional copiers gives your company unlimited access to copy, print, scan, and fax at any time. You can facilitate business as you need, push priorities up, and scale down low profile tasks.
  • Top Quality Customer Support – Investing in machines like copiers comes with exceptional 24/7 customer support. You enjoy the peace of mind of having someone to talk you through troubleshooting if a problem should arise with your machine.

Buying outright appeals to companies that want to have full control of their machine. If the machine ever breaks down, you don’t have to follow the leasing company’s procedures and wait an unknown amount of time for the technician to show up. You are the one in charge concerning maintenance. When you buy the equipment outright, you determine the maintenance schedule and provider yourself.

Buy Business Copier For Guaranteed Business Control

Although it’s enticing for small companies to lease, in the long run, it isn’t a wise decision. A lease har terms to financially bind you to a payment plan. Not the wisest decision for a growing company to take on a large monthly payment on something that can be bought outright.

You can keep your copiers as long as it makes financial sense to do so. With the advancements in today’s technology, you can purchase the best copier in the market and use it for several years without having to add a lease payment as expenditures.

Buy Copier Machine Through Clear Choice Technical Services

Buying a copy machine saves you a considerable amount of carry-over tax and interests from expensive leasing terms. Whether you’re prospecting for a small-scale business or a large corporation, don’t hesitate to invest for the long run.

For all your copy machine needs, choose Clear Choice Technical Services. With minimal upfront cost and flexible payment options, you can start ensuring the success of your business as early as today. Call 866 620 2287 and get the best quote now!