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A machine drum is one of the most important parts of a copier. It works like a rolling stamp that applies the toner to the page. It uses high-intensity light and conducts electricity as the image is being copied on the surface of the drum before it becomes visible on paper. You should always keep your copier’s drum in good condition if you want to produce quality copies all the time.

So when do you need to replace the drum in your copy machine? A good answer would be when you see lines, streaks or any unwanted marks on your prints even when you’re working with a clean original copy. Other signs to watch out for are blurry pages, blank pages, gray pages, and strange sounds coming from the machine. You can try cleaning the drum first, but if symptoms persist you may need to have it replaced right away.

How to Clean Your Copy Machine Drum?

If you’ve already checked your copy machine drum and have confirmed that it needs cleaning, please follow these steps:

  1. Start with turning off or unplugging your copier and don’t forget to put on a pair of working or latex gloves as protection for your hands.
  2. Cover the surface where you plan to clean your copier with at least four layers of newspaper to protect it from stains from the toner.
  3. Once that’s done, open your copier’s toner cartridge door and remove the toner cartridge. The drum can be found inside it.
  4. Lay the flannel cloth onto the newspaper and then gently shake the toner cartridge above it. By doing this, the flannel cloth will be lightly coated with the toner.
  5. Place the cartridge upside down on the newspaper and open the drum’s shutter door. You’ll know it by its hinges.
  6. Quickly rotate the drum by its spindle and wipe its surface with the toner-covered flannel cloth to remove any dirt or caked-on debris. You need to do this fast to avoid exposing the drum to artificial or natural light that may cause damage.
  7. Continue rotating the drum until all dirt and caked-on debris are completely removed.
  8. Close the drum’s shutter door and put the cartridge back in its place.

Since the drum is very sensitive to light, clean it in an area with very little light. In case your copier’s drum is damaged due to light exposure, put it in a dark room for several minutes before putting it back on your machine.

How to Replace Your Copy Machine Drum?

Replacing your copy machine drum is very similar to cleaning it. Once you’ve removed the old drum, open the new one from its packaging and insert the toner cartridge into the unit. You’ll know that it’s in place if you here a click and the lock lever automatically lifts. You can put it back on the machine once the assembly is done. If you have a hard time putting it back, just remove and reseat it. Don’t force it in to avoid causing damage.

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