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Finding Out The Useful Life Of Copier and How To Extend It Leave a comment

A continuous flow of productivity in an office can be attributed to two things: 1. Workers 2. Equipment. If you have hardworking people then half of the job is considered done. It is when the office equipment fails, breaks down or gives up altogether that the business is put to halt – causing delays and losses to the company. While equipment failures and breakdowns can be avoided by proper maintenance, it is the total shutdown caused by normal wear and tear that is inevitable. Thus, it is best to know how long a copier can last before it “dies” so one can at least prepare for it when it comes.

The Typical Life Span of a Copier:

A copier’s life span can differ depending on a lot of factors. It can vary depending on the brand, the model, the maintenance and the frequency of usage. But not considering these factors, the average life span is just five years.

The life span of your copier largely depends on the copy volume and maintenance. Most basic copier models are designed to produce 1,000 copies per month while higher-end copiers can produce up to 50,000. In order to achieve a longer life span, it is best that you don’t reach the maximum copies per month. Other models that last longer are called heavyweight. This is perhaps because they were really designed to withstand rigorous usage in a very demanding and busy area. The models with a typical shorter life span are called lightweight, which could be attributed to the copier’s design of fulfilling only minimal to ordinary volume of tasks.

There is also a popular mathematical approach to it, such that one can project the life expectancy of the copier machine by computation. The steps are:

  1. Owner must determine the number of copies recommended before any major service is done for the machine. (Major service refers to having the main components of the machine replaced.)
  2. The number of copies arrived at must be multiplied by 10.Ex: If the major service interval of 50,000 copies is multiplied by 10, then the projected useful life of that copy machine is 500,000 copies.

Upon computation, you’ll find out that copiers are not the kind of machines to last forever. But since copiers are essential in offices, businesses still invest on them despite knowing that in a few years, they will no longer function as efficient as they are now. No need to despair, though! Because there are many useful ways to extend the typical life span of copiers. Here are some of them:

  • Perform Regular Maintenance Service both Major and Minor – as discussed earlier, major service refers to having the main components of the copier replaced. Minor service on the other hand refers to parts that require regular cleaning and lubricating.
  • Keep the copier out of direct sunlight and place it in a clean environment where temperature can be controlled.
  • Clean dust and regularly check for stuck debris on the ink cartridge head.
  • Use only authorized and quality supplies such as authentic ink and do not allow ink replacement to be done by someone who is not considered an expert or trained.
  • Train your employees on proper usage to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns.

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