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The photocopier machine is one of the most innovative inventions of the 20th century. Before mobile phones and tablets dominated the world of technology, copier machines were one of the reigning leaders. So, what exactly is a photocopier and how does it work?

We all know that a copier machine makes copies of documents and other visual images faster and more conveniently than doing it by hand. It was discovered in the year 1937 by an attorney and Xerox was the first company to release a model. But photocopiers can do more than just produce copies, and this article will go into detail about its functions.

Functions That Make a Copier Useful

Buying a copier is not an easy decision to make. Aside from the large amount of money that you need to spend, there are also many models to choose from. How do you know which one is best for you? Here is a list of a photocopier’s functions that may help narrow down your list.

Reduction – some models are now equipped to reduce the size of the original copy. They come with preset reductions for standard business-sized paper and a zoom feature that allows you to adjust the increments.

Enlargement – if you can reduce the size, you can also enlarge! The preset and zoom controls will help you adjust the settings.

Book Copy – photocopiers can now copy separate pages from an open book. With this feature, the operator no longer needs to reposition the book; the machine will automatically scan the book per page and produce a single copy of each.

Image Shift – this feature is handy when the hole-punched paper is used to produce copies. You can adjust the margins on the copy without moving around the original.

Duplexing – this feature allows you to produce two-sided copies in three ways: manual, semiautomatic and automatic. Most duplex trays hold 50 standard-sized sheets, but you can personalize yours and request it from your dealer.

Editing – copiers can now alter the copy image without making changes to the original. You can now trim, mask, center, transfer, and positive/negative copy. Copiers that have this feature come with a keyboard, electronic stylus or a mouse device.

Border Erase – with this feature you can eliminate border shadows, three-hole punch marks, and other unsightly marks from your copies.

Photo Mode – this allows you to enhance the details and resolution of the images in your copies; it’s perfect for copying photographs.

Image Overlay – this enables a machine to merge a copy from two originals.

Automatic Exposure – copiers can now automatically scan the original document and determine its correct exposure setting. With this, the operator can manually change the automatic exposure setting.

Auto-Paper Selection – copiers can automatically select the correct size of paper to use. It determines the size of the original and uses the same one to produce the copy.

Pause – this allows the operator to ‘interrupt’ the copying before it is completed.

There are many copier features that were not mentioned on the list. Some of the newest models can also send emails and fax messages. The best copier for your business depends on your daily office activities and needs. Make sure to discuss it with the dealer so that they can help you pick the right model.

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