Kyocera KM 4035

How to fix Kyocera KM-4035 with Unreadable Prints

A client from Norman, Oklahoma called in to ask for assistance with their Kyocera KM-4035.

The printer is printing uncontrollably causing waste of paper as it won’t stop printing. The documents are not readable as well “Gibberish Printing”.

We have sent our technician to repair the machine and he was successful in it.

Here are the steps that our technician did to fix the machine:

  •  Customer opted for a tech onsite instead of Remote tech support.
  •  Issue happens mostly when someone tries to print, instead of getting the actual job it will get Gibberish Prints and would print nonstop unless they will disconnect the computer from the network or disconnect the network cable from the copier and restart.
  • Tech tried a newer driver version and it resolved the issue.- He installed the Copier driver to the rest of the computer and tested all with no issue.
  • Issue resolved. Issue was triggered by an older driver version.

We hope that the steps made by our technician could help you on your copier diagnosis and maintenance needs. In case you have questions or might need an assistance regarding this, our team in Clear Choice Technical Services can definitely help you determine the issues in your machine that needs to be addressed.

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