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Large Format Printer Maintenance: New Opportunities for Business Growth

The technological origins of wide-format printing date back to the 1980s – 1990s. In their infancy, plotters were used primarily by engineers and architects to print schematics and drawings. In 1992, specialty graphics providers, sign shops, and service bureaus started to venture into colored wide format printing, and it has become a commercial industry since then.

Introduction to Plotter Maintenance

Wide-format printing is a competitive and popular business sector. Whether your business is a commercial print shop or a traditional sign maker, plotters are a great companion to have in the office. Due to cost of equipment, the maintenance of a large-format plotter is something that business owners must never overlook. A well-maintained plotter leads to continuous productivity in the office and crisp, professional-looking images.

Compared to outsourcing projects, having your own large-format plotter allows you to produce products with the quality you desire. With various plotters available to suit your business type, you can easily surf the internet for reviews or contact Clear Choice Technical Services at 866-620-2287 to get professional advice on your plotter inquiry.

One unique quality of a large-format printing business is that you become a strategic marketing partner for your clients, not just a printed product manufacturer. By helping your clients improve their sales through compelling graphics and signs, you’re doing more than just earning money for your own business; you’re also helping them improve their own. It’s quite fulfilling, right?

Go Big or Go Home: Wide Format Printer Maintenance

While venturing into the wide-format printing industry is no walk in the park, many people brave the tide and invest in an efficient plotter to ensure high quality products and a fast printing speed to ensure maximum productivity and profit. When a plotter malfunctions, however, it is best to call skilled technicians to take a look at the equipment and do the necessary repairs immediately to avoid further damage and higher repair costs.

As the wide-format printing industry continues to expand, here are the tasks a plotter can complete:

  • Signs, banners, and posters
  • Decorations: wall covering, floors, draperies
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Backlit films
  • Point of Sale (POS) signs and Point of Purchase (POP) materials

Besides using paper, plotters can create hard copies of computer-generated designs on the following substrates:

  • Flexible plastics
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Board
  • Metal
  • Textiles
  • Canvas
  • Other rigid, 3D surfaces like balls, doors, laptops, and computers

Some challenges that printing business owners encounter are transitioning from traditional printing to a digital format. Even with the technology present, integrating it into your business will need some research, observation, and planning. One option is to choose a niche or application type that excites you, so that you’ll be motivated to become the best printer in that sector. Another is to create packages, like including small-format prints together with your large-format ones. This could be enticing to clients such as restaurants who are looking to print their menus, or other establishments having their interior redesigned. The possibilities are endless with large-format printing.

Professional Large Format Plotter Maintenance Services for Your Business

Clear Choice Technical Services proudly has a network of over 3,500 expert technicians, making our repair services ideal for any type of plotter that you have, including legacy printers. We offer local, on-site repair services or service-center repairs and plotter repair service contract plans all over North America. Contact us for your business needs, especially for plotter and printer maintenance. We offer a wide range of affordable services and the best technology in office equipment suited to help your business grow and succeed.

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