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LEXMARK CX421, CX522, CX622, CX625, MC2x25, MC2535, MC2640, XC2235, XC4240 Service and Parts Manual

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Service Manual Table of Contents

General information

Printer model configurations

Finding the serial number

Paper support

Supported paper sizes
Supported paper types
Supported paper weights

Tools required for service

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Troubleshooting precautions

Troubleshooting overview
Performing the initial troubleshooting check

Fixing print quality issues
Initial print quality check
Supplies used to resolve print quality issues
Blurred print check
Misaligned color check
Toner easily rubs off check
Gray or solid background check
Solid color or black image check
Blank or white pages check
Horizontal white lines check
Horizontal colored lines or banding check
Text or images cut off check
Mottled print and dots check
Vertical white lines check
Ghost images check
Vertical colored lines or banding check
Dark print check
Missing color check
Uneven print density check
Repeating defects check
Light print check
Skewed print check
Toner patch sensing service check
Auto alignment service check

Paper jams
Avoiding jams
Identifying jam locations
200 paper jams
202 paper jams
203 paper jams
231 paper jams
232 paper jams
24y paper jams
28y paper jams
295 paper jams
680 paper jams

User attendance messages
Non‑Lexmark supply
24 user attendance errors
31 user attendance errors
32 user attendance errors
33 user attendance errors
34 user attendance errors
42 user attendance errors
43 user attendance errors
80 user attendance errors
82 user attendance errors
84 user attendance errors
88 user attendance errors
Non-supply user attendance errors

Printer hardware errors
100 errors
110 errors
120 errors
121 errors
126 errors
142 errors
151 errors
160 errors
161 errors
162 errors
163 errors
166 errors
167 errors
171 errors
600 errors
602 errors
620 errors
642 errors
651 errors
661 errors
662 errors
663 errors
666 errors
667 errors
Procedure before starting the 9yy service checks
900 errors
91y errors
938 errors
95y errors
96y errors
97y errors
980-984 errors
99y errors

ADF/Scanner hardware errors
84y errors

Other symptoms
Base printer symptoms
Input option symptoms

Service menus

Using the control panel
Lexmark CX421, Lexmark MC2325, and Lexmark MC2425
Lexmark CX522, Lexmark CX622, Lexmark MC2535, Lexmark MC2640, Lexmark
XC2235, and Lexmark XC2240
Lexmark CX625 and Lexmark XC4240
Understanding the status of the power button and indicator light
Using the home screen

Diagnostics menu
Entering the Diagnostics menu
Advanced Print Quality Samples
Format Fax Storage
Event Log
Input tray quick print
Printer Setup
Printer diagnostics and adjustments
Scanner Diagnostics
Additional input tray diagnostics

Configuration Menu

Service Engineer menu
Entering the Service Engineer (SE) menu
General SE Menu
Network SE Menu
Fax SE Menu
Scanner SE Menu

Entering Invalid engine mode

Entering Recovery mode

Parts removal

Data security notice

Removal precautions
Handling ESD‑sensitive parts
Critical information for controller board or control panel replacement
Restoring the printer configuration after replacing the controller board
Restoring solutions, licenses, and configuration settings
Updating the printer firmware
Backing up eSF solutions and settings
Disconnecting ribbon cables
Ribbon cable connectors
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors
Horizontal top contact connector
Horizontal bottom contact connector
Vertical mount contact connector
Horizontal sliding contact connector
Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector

Registration adjustment
Scanner Manual Registration
ADF registration adjustment
Flatbed registration adjustment
Entering the TPS characterization data

Removal procedures

Left side removals
Left cover removal
Motor (drive unit) removal
EP drive assembly removal
LVPS removal
Sensor (fuser exit) removal

Right side removals
Right cover removal
Motor (fuser drive) removal
TMC card removal
Sensors (toner patch) removal
Developer unit removal
HVPS removal
Transfer module removal
Imaging kit removal
Toner cartridge contacts removal
Waste toner bottle removal
Waste toner bottle contact block removal

Front removals
Front door removal
Front door inner deflector removal
Front middle cover removal
Interlock switch cover assembly removal
2.4‑inch control panel badge cover removal
4.3‑inch control panel badge cover removal
7‑inch control panel badge cover removal
4.3‑inch control panel bezel removal
7‑inch control panel bezel removal
2.4‑inch control panel top cover and control panel removal
4.3‑inch control panel removal
7‑inch control panel removal
2.4‑inch control panel keypad removal
Front bracket cover removal
Speaker (MC2325, CX421, MC2425) removal
Speaker (CX522, CX622, CX625, XC2235, XC4240, MC2535, MC2640) removal
Weather station removal
Wireless card removal
Fuser removal

Bottom removals
Pick tires removal
Lower left frame removal
Lower right frame removal
Sensor (duplex) removal
Transfer module guide removal
Sensor (tray present) removal
Tray 1 media feeder removal

Rear side removals
MFP cable cover removal
System fan removal
Rear cover removal
Controller board removal

Top side removals
Top cover removal
Output bin and paper bail removal
MFP toner cover removal
MFP link removal
Release lever removal
Bin full flag removal
MFP fuser deflector flag removal
Sensor (narrow media) removal
Narrow media sensor flag removal
Printhead removal
Redrive unit removal
Right output bin deflector removal

ADF/scanner removals
ADF assembly removal (SADF/RADF)
ADF assembly removal (DADF)
ADF tray removal
ADF separator roller removal
ADF separator pad removal
ADF door removal
Scanner front cover removal
Scanner right cover removal
Flatbed scanner assembly removal
Flatbed pivot link (rear right) removal
Flatbed pivot link (front left) removal

Options removals
650‑sheet duo tray insert removal
650‑sheet duo tray removal
Dust cover removal
Pick tire removal

Component locations

Printer configurations
Controller board connectors
Motor locations
Sensor locations
ADF sensor locations


Inspection guide
Scheduled maintenance
Maintenance kits
Resetting the maintenance counter
Cleaning printer parts
Cleaning the printer
Cleaning the scanner
Cleaning the printhead lenses

Parts Catalog Table of Contents


Assembly 1: 2.4-inch control panel
Assembly 2: 4.3-inch and 7-inch control panel
Assembly 3: Covers
Assembly 4: Paper path and frame
Assembly 5: Electronics
Assembly 6: Cables and sensors
Assembly 7: Scanner
Assembly 8: ADF
Assembly 9: Option trays
Assembly 10: Miscellaneous
Assembly 11: Maintenance kits