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LEXMARK MX610, MX611, MX617de, and XM3150 Service Manual and Parts Manual

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Product information

Edition notice

Notices, conventions and safety information
Laser notices
Safety information
General caution statements

Change history
Change history

General information
Media guidelines
Data security notice
Tools required for service

Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Troubleshooting overview
Fixing print quality issues
Paper jams
Understanding printer messages
User attendance messages (0–99.99)
Printer hardware errors
ADF/Scanner hardware errors
Input/output option hardware errors
Other symptoms

Service menus
Understanding the printer control panel
Menus list
Diagnostics menu
Configuration menu
Entering Invalid engine mode
Entering Recovery mode
Accessing the Network SE menu
Service engineer menu

Parts removal
Removal precautions
Removal procedures
Left side removals
Right side removals
Front removals
Bottom side removals
Rear side removals
Top side removals
ADF/scanner removals
550-sheet option tray removals
Staple finisher option removals

Component locations
Exterior locations

Inspection guide
Scheduled maintenance
Lubrication specification
Cleaning the printer

Parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Imaging
Assembly 3: Control panel
Assembly 4: Electronics 1
Assembly 5: Electronics 2
Assembly 6: Frame
Assembly 7: Option trays
Assembly 8: Staple finisher option
Assembly 9: Staple finisher (right)
Assembly 10: Staple finisher (top)
Assembly 11: Staple finisher (rear)
Assembly 12: Staple finisher exit assembly
Assembly 13: Staple finisher tamper assembly
Assembly 14: Staple finisher accumulator assembly
Assembly 15: Maintenance kits
Assembly 16: Power cords
Assembly 17: Miscellaneous

Printer specifications
Electrical specifications
Operating clearances
Operating environment
Scanner specifications
Fax specifications
Enabling the security reset jumper

Options and features
Available internal options
Media handling options

Theory of operation
POR sequence
Printer control
Paper path information
Media handling components
Key components
Electrophotographic process (EP process)
ADF theory



Part number index

Part name index

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