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LEXMARK T640, T642, and T644 Service Manual and Parts Manual

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Laser Notices

Safety Information


General Information
Maintenance approach
Media specifications
Tools required

Diagnostic information
Power-On Self Test (POST) sequence
Symptom tables
Messages and error codes
Service checks

Diagnostic aids
Accessing service menus
Diagnostics mode
Configuration menu (CONFIG MENU)
Additional useful menu locations
Print quality troubleshooting
Paper feed jams

Repair information 
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Adjustment procedures
Removal procedures

Connector locations and connections

Preventive maintenance
Safety inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance

Parts catalog
How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Frame 1
Assembly 3: Frame 2
Assembly 4: Frame 3
Assembly 5: Printhead
Assembly 6: Paper feed—autocompensator
Assembly 7: Paper feed—multipurpose feeder
Assembly 8: Paper feed—alignment
Assembly 9: Integrated 250-sheet paper tray
Assembly 10: Integrated 500-sheet paper tray
Assembly 11: Drives—Main drive and developer drive
Assembly 12: Hot roll fuser
Assembly 13: Transfer/charging
Assembly 14: Electronics—power supplies
Assembly 15: Electronics—card assemblies
Assembly 16: Electronics—shields
Assembly 17: Cabling diagrams 1
Assembly 18: Cabling diagrams 2
Assembly 19: Cabling diagrams 3
Assembly 20: Cabling diagrams 4
Assembly 21: Cabling diagrams 5
Assembly 22: Optional 250-sheet paper drawer
Assembly 23: Optional 250-sheet paper tray
Assembly 24: Optional 500-sheet paper drawer
Assembly 25: Optional 500-sheet paper tray
Assembly 26: Duplex option
Assembly 27: Envelope feeder
Assembly 28: Output expander 1
Assembly 29: Output expander 2
Assembly 30: High-capacity output expander 1
Assembly 31: High-capacity output expander 2
Assembly 32: High-capacity output expander 3
Assembly 33: 5-bin mailbox 1
Assembly 34: 5-bin mailbox 2
Assembly 35: High-capacity feeder 1
Assembly 36: High-capacity feeder 2
Assembly 37: High-capacity feeder 3
Assembly 38: High-capacity feeder 4
Assembly 39: Kiosk—vertical and horizontal paper adapters
Assembly 40: StapleSmart finisher I
Assembly 41: StapleSmart finisher 2
Assembly 42: StapleSmart finisher 3
Assembly 43: StapleSmart finisher 4
Assembly 44: Options

Appendix A—Options and features 
Installing input options
Installing memory or option cards
Accessing the printer system board
Removing or installing a memory card
Removing or installing a flash memory or firmware card
Installing an option card
Replacing the shield
Printing and using features
Linking trays


Part number index

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