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Rank Xerox Photocopiers: A List of the Top Copier Models Leave a comment

Xerox is a technology leader in the office equipment industry. This company was founded in 1906 and it continues to provide the best quality printing devices to businesses worldwide.

Xerox is known as one of the most popular brands for photocopiers. It comes with a wide range of features that help make life in the office more convenient and efficient.

These are some of the best copier models today:

Low Volume Black & White

Low volume photocopiers are those that produce up to 30 pages per minute. Aside from copying, they can also be used for printing, scanning, and faxing.  These copiers are perfect for small and medium businesses.

WorkCentre 3210 & 3220
If you’re looking for good and cost-effective photocopiers, check out the the WorkCentres 3210 and 3220. They’re ideal for small offices with low to medium copying needs.

In terms of quality and appearance, these two devices are basically the same. The only difference between them is that the 3220 produces up to 28 pages per minute, while the 3210 produces up to 24 pages. These two photocopiers only produce A4 pages.

A3 Copying
For businesses that require A3 copying, the best option is WorkCentre 5020. This device produces 20 pages per minute. Other models include the 5325, 5330 and 5335. These copiers produce 25, 30 and 35 pages per minute respectively.

The 5020 is ideal for very small businesses and home offices. The 5300 range, on the other hand, is more suited for medium sized enterprises.

High Volume Black & White
If you’re from a large corporation and you’re looking for high volume black and white photocopiers, Xerox has 23 multifunctional models you can choose from.

The simplest models include the WorkCentre 3315 and 3325. These devices already come with WiFi connectivity and double sided copying and printing. They produce 31 and 35 pages per minute.

The other models in the A4 range include the Phaser 3635MFP and the WorkCentre 4250 and 4260. The Phaser 3635MFP can produce 33 pages per minute. Meanwhile, The WorkCentre 4250 and 4260 can produce 43 and 53 pages per minute respectively.

High Volume A3 Copiers
For high volume A3 copying needs, The WorkCentre 5300, 5700 and 5800 ranges would be the best models to choose from.
Xerox also offers state of the art models such as the D95, D110, and D125 for businesses that rely heavily on copiers. These models can produce up to 125 pages per minute. However, due to their large size, these devices are only ideal for spacious environments.

Color Copiers
If you’re planning to purchase color photocopiers, Xerox has 25 different models you can choose from. All of these copiers are multifunctional. That means you can also use them for printing, scanning, and faxing purposes.

For A4 copying, small businesses with lower volume needs can go for the WorkCentre 6015 or the ColorQube 8900. The WorkCentre models can produce up to 35 pages per minute while ColorQube options can handle up to 44 pages.

A3 Color Copying
When it comes to copying in color onto A3 sized paper, the WorkCentre 7100, 7500 and 7800 ranges are all very similar in quality. However, the 7800 range is the fastest and most expensive among them because this model was specifically made to cater to larger businesses with higher requirements.

Xerox also offers other models including the Xerox 700i and the Xerox C75. These kinds of copiers can produce up to 75 pages per minute. These are also large and costly so they’re more often found in spacious offices.

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