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Reasons Why Inkjets are a Rip-off

WHEN IT COMES to home or office printers, the choice is entirely personal. That’s why it is wise to research and know about why printers will suck the money out of your wallet and what those will be worth every penny.

You have come to the right place. If you’re planning to buy an inkjet printer, it is time for you to stop right on your tracks, put your money back in your wallet, and your wallet back in your pocket.

Here are three reasons why inkjets are a rip-off and why you shouldn’t consider buying one:


The low cost of the printer might just be a bait, but beware and don’t easily fall for it. More often, inkjet printers are not built to last and endure.

Inkjet printers are known for breaking down because of a single part and simply buying a whole new printer rather than fixing the broken part is way cheaper. If you find your printer idle for quite some time, you might find the ink already dried up. This will eventually lead to the printer head being clogged which will lead to more problems in the future.


An inkjet cartridge only has a standard capacity of only a few hundred pages. If you need to print a lot, you are sure to incur more expenses as you need to stack up on the expensive ink cartridges. Again, the price at the store is deceitful. When you bring this printer home or at your office, it will start breaking your wallet with the expensive cartridge replacements.


Because of the aqueous ink of the printer, it will quickly saturate the paper especially when you are using a low-grade paper, which leads to the paper curling. Inkjet printers work best with higher quality, heavier weight paper. And that means spending more money on costly papers, ripping off your wallet even more.

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