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The Benefits of Getting a Copier Rental Agreement Leave a comment

Renting copier machines have been a favorite practice among businesses for quite some time now. It offers many benefits, especially for start-ups. It allows you to put your money in other areas of your business to help maximize profit. Businesses that have never tried it may be skeptical about the idea, but this article can help you decide why you should rent your copier too.

Why Renting a Copier is Good for Business

  •    It helps you save money. Aside from not having to pay a generous upfront lump, you can keep your capital for other monetary purposes. Renting is highly-recommend for any business because it removes the financial burden that many owners are facing today.
  •    Repair and maintenance of the machine and other consumables are usually included in the agreement. A team of well-trained technicians will conduct routine visits to make sure that your copier is working properly and to detect possible causes of breakdown. When your machine is working efficiently, production downtime in your office can also be avoided.
  •    No risk for your business. Look for a dealer that provides no locked-in contracts for their rental agreements. No money tied up is a big help for any business during these tough times.
  •    Increases the cash flow in your business. Smooth cash flow is crucial for any business and renting can help improve this by reducing the amount that you need to spend. And because it is a regular business cost, it has better tax advantages compared to capital allowances. You only need to renew it when it gets past a certain age or state.
  •    You don’t need to sell it when you no longer need it. Copier leasing rids you from the responsibility of selling the machine when no longer in use. You can also request for an upgrade at no extra cost if you want to enjoy the latest model available.
  •    Everything is included. Aside from repair and maintenance, copier dealers usually include everything you need to use the machine like toners and paper rolls.
  •    Flexible rental agreements. Copier dealers allow you to change your monthly copy volume without penalty. You can change whenever it is needed in your business.
  •    Monthly payment ensures that you will not pay any hidden charges. Rental agreements already include service, parts, supplies, etc. – so there should be no surprise charges. Make sure to discuss it explicitly with the dealer before signing anything.

If at any time you feel unsatisfied with the service, talk to your dealer. They can either adjust their agreement plan to your needs or ask you to return the machine without penalty. The most important thing about a rental agreement is that it doesn’t get you stuck with the wrong contract. Get one for your business today, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be one happy customer.

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