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Three Types of Copiers

Three Types of Copiers

COPIER. From the word itself, Merriam Webster defines it as a machine for making copies of graphic matter such as printing, drawings, or pictures,” whereas Cambridge defines it in just one word, “photocopier.” Photocopier, as defined by Wikipedia, is a machine that makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply.”

Photocopy machines take advantage of xerography, a dry process that makes use of heat fusion. This technology is commonly used for office copying. Another output technology used is the inkjet. This is rather more applicable for home office use, particularly in smaller low-end machines.

There are several types of copiers available in the market. In fact, several industries use different kinds. However, let us deal with only three of these copiers. Here they are:

Analog Copier

An older type of machine which is more inclined to technical failures, this kind of device uses mirrors, light, and lenses for document-copying through reflection. Fewer analog copying machines are available in the market these days and manufacturers are thinking of phasing them out soon since parts, maintenance and copiers repair will be harder to find in the future.

Mono Copier

This copier got its name from the toner color used in this type of device. From the word “mono” which means one, this multifunction piece of equipment only uses black toner, hence, creating a monochromatic output.

Mono copiers are available in various shapes and sizes, particularly for office use, this type of machine ranges from low-end low copiers to high-speed, high volume machines capable of printing or copying over a hundred in a minute.

Color Copier

Such a device makes use of 4 or more drums and toner cartridges. These primarily contain CYMK which stands for cyan, yellow, magenta and black, that is, when mixed together, create various colors. Hence, this copier provides photocopies in colored and even in black and white prints.