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3 Best Productivity Copier Apps

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The printer prints. The copier copies. Did you know that there are apps for your…copier?! For most users, that’s all their copier is used for (with maybe the occasional fax or scan). If that’s all you’re using your copier for, you’re wasting the potential of the copier to make your life easier.

Copiers today include more functionality than ever before. As software becomes more embedded in copiers (and even larger laser printers), functionality will continue to explode. Today, if you aren’t using the apps available in your digital copiers, you’re missing out on more productivity and saving money for your business. The following six apps are available on Kyocera Copiers. While some of these apps are Kyocera-specific, similar functionality exists for copiers from other manufacturers.

Ringdale FollowMe – Improve Security and Lower Cost

FollowMe® from Ringdale is software that tracks everything that moves through your copiers and printers – how many copies and prints and allows you to require users to authenticate themselves to release print jobs at the device. The generic term for this is pull printing, read more about it here: Keep Documents From Prying Eyes With Pull Printing.

A overview of benefits:

Minimize print waste

Create and enforce a print policy

Secure document release

Restrict printing by department and individuals

Track and control all of your printing to gain insight into how much you print

You can also learn more about print rules and why they’re important here: Stop Throwing Away Money: Control Print Costs With Print Rules.

Print From the Cloud

Kyocera Cloud Connect and Google Cloud Print allow you to print and scan to and from the cloud. Access documents in the cloud and print them from any network-connected copier in your office(s).

With Cloud Print, any Web-connected device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) can print to a KYOCERA printer. No need to install a specific printer driver on your device, print on the go.

Kyocera Cloud Connect allows you to scan documents directly to Evernote and Google Drive too.

Scan to File (or Workflow or Email)

PinPoint Scan 3 allows encrypted scanning from your copier to any email, folder, or program that supports PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files. Users can set up one-touch, personalized buttons to simply and easily direct scanned documents to their most-often used locations.

Security is provided with PIN or optional proximity card protection (that means users have to authenticate themselves, preventing unauthorized access)

Remote Device Management – Anytime, From Anywhere

Troubleshoot remotely with a single dashboard to monitor networked devices. Instead of having to waste time walking to a device when the “printer isn’t working,” IT departments can remotely discover the issue and either fix the issue or know what they need to do before they get to the device.

With Kyocera Net Admin, you can also view toner usage, paper levels, device configuration, and print behavior. This allows you to optimize your print environment over time.

Connect to Document Management

There are connectors to four popular document management products: DocuWare, Square 9, SharePoint, and OnBase. Access your document repository from the Copier control panel to make printing a breeze. Scan documents directly to the repository or into a business workflow to automate and streamline your business processes.


This is the perfect copier application to help streamline your business’ processes and provide additional productivity and efficiency internally. With DMConnect, you can route all your documents that you process on your multifunctional copier into your business’ Document Management System directly, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly capture, share, store and retrieve files.

mobile copier print appMobile Print

For highly mobile businesses that have employees either on the road often or in multiple locations, the Mobile Print copier app is truly a necessity. This free app allows employees to print from virtually anywhere, directly from their mobile device. No longer do you have to email documents to another in-house employee to print or tote extra papers along with you on the road just in case you think you might need them.

copier cloud connect appCloud Connect

Businesses are increasingly using cloud applications to manage their business documents and workflows. Luckily, the Kyocera Cloud Connect app makes it easy to work on-the-go. The Cloud Connect app allows you to connect to a variety of cloud storage providers such as Google Drive™ and Evernote® directly from your multifunctional copier to easily scan, print, store and more.

Google connector app for copiersGoogle Connector

With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Google’s Gmail system is one of the most widely-used email providers today, and many businesses host their employee emails with this system. The good news is, today the newest copier technology allows you to connect and access your Google account directly from the copier without any additional steps or technology needed. Not only can you scan and print to and from your account, but you can also browse your messages, print emails, look through your calendar of events, and compose and send emails.

kyocera centraq copier appCentraQ Pro

Office equipment costs tend to be one of the most obscure financial areas of a business, and most businesses don’t realize how much it’s costing them on a yearly basis to use and maintain their copiers. The CentraQ Pro application removes the guessing work and gives administrators the proper knowledge and tools to control costs and usage. With the application’s advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, administrators can choose to restrict access to certain copier functions (scan, copy, print and fax) to manage overall costs and instantly gain insights into overall costs.

cryptek copier appCryptek

Security is such an important factor for many businesses and organizations, and the Cryptek app provides the additional security to keep unauthorized users out and costs under control. With this application, users are required to swipe a smartcard or punch in a pin code in order to access the features of the copier, and is perfect for high-security organizations like government entities and medical facilities.

kyocera sharepoint copier appSharePoint Connector

Does your organization work closely with Microsoft products? SharePoint Connector is an application that integrates with your Microsoft SharePoint system, allowing you to access documents in your SharePoint server, create new folders, and scan or print directly from SharePoint easily and effortlessly.

Stop just printing and copying with your copiers. Use these apps (and others, here’s a complete list) to really unleash the productivity benefits of your digital copier.

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