Nothing gets more frustrating than to experience a printing breakdown especially when you are meeting a deadline or when the demand (business or office-related) for printing is high. It is a big hassle to deal with it considering the length of time needed to repair the machine.

To prevent these unwanted artifacts from happening, it is of great value to keep the condition of your machine at its best. Once a photocopier is well taken care of, you’ll get less frustration or breakdown issues. More than that, good maintenance is the key to a longer lifespan of your photocopier.

So how can you maintain the good condition of your machine? Walk your eyes through this page to find out interesting tips on how to keep track of your photocopier’s condition and where you can always go to find copier repair services.

Although some of these tips may be done at home, with your hands scribbling on them, it is still best to get some good advice from experts. If your machine was acquired from a copier lease, you need not worry too much because the leasing company and IT Services usually orient the customer or owner about the functions and maintenance tips of the photocopier. For instance, copier leasing provides service to your business on how to properly repair and constantly clean your leased photocopier. It pays well if your photocopier was acquired from a copier leasing company because the latter offers copier leasing services and copier rentals which include orientation and suggestions on how to manage and maintain the good performance of your photocopier.

Here are some few photocopier maintenance tips that make you a wiser owner or user of photocopying machines.

1. Read and comprehend the instructions manual

This is the first thing that should be done as you cannot make a jump start with your machine without understanding its functions. Sadly several businesses take this for granted thinking that they already understand how a photocopier works. Reading the manual religiously will give you the idea of how two operate your specific model as all models have different procedures and maintenance tips.

2. Glass surface maintenance

Regular maintenance of your photocopier’s glass surface should be a priority. Being one of the most exposed surfaces, the glass easily builds up grime and dust, if not cleaned regularly. If not given immediate attention, you’ll be seeing streaks or smears with the produced papers you copied. It is also good to invest in glass cleaner for your copier’s daily cleanup.

3. Check out the ink cartridge head

Remember that the ink cartridge head also gets grime and dust that can ultimately affect your copier’s quality product. So while you generally maintain your machine’s internal parts, take time to gently clean the ink cartridge head as well.

4. Maintain the paper rollers

Paper jam is considered the biggest problem of any copier. If you have already handled a photocopier you might have spent considerable time un-jamming or resetting the machine. Why does paper jam happen? The issue roots its cause from the dust stuck on the paper rollers. This dust prevents the paper to smoothly move through the rollers. Maintaining the paper rollers is simply done by regularly wiping them using a lint-free cloth.

5. Fuse your Fuser

Lastly, power up your fuser to prevent unwanted hassles shortly. The fuser is a key player in producing quality prints as it sticks your printer toner on the paper. You may need to use silicon oil, apply it on a damp cloth, then wipe down through the fuser to remove excess debris or toner.

Maintaining the good performance of your photocopier is an overall move to lessen your future machine-related burden. In case you need one, availing of copier leasing services in San Antonio can be a significant help. Making it with these copier leasing companies will not only assist you with the machine but also help your business to successfully thrive.