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Copy Leasing Services: How MFPs Can Help Your Company Cut Down Expenses

Cut Down Expenses

Considered as one of the most important tools in workplaces, printers have been among the driving forces that helped every company increase the productivity and competitiveness of its working forces. From transferring computerized data and graphics to a piece of paper, reproduction of documents through copiers, scanning of important files, and even transmission of information through fax, these innovative technologies have made operations easier and faster enough to keep up with the heavy competition in the market. 

Because of the advantages printing has contributed to an organization, most of these companies tend to overlook their printing expenses believing that the process is not that steep in terms of price. However, the said assessment got them wrong because researchers say otherwise.

According to studies, 90 percent of companies in different industries fail to monitor the overall cost of their printing operations (including paper, toners, ink, and services) which results in them losing up to 15 percent of their annual revenue.

The Best Solution

To prevent companies from losing their potential profits due to the failure of tracking down their printing cost, considering copier leasing would be the best option for them. The said approach won’t only make them realize their losses but would also provide assessments, device maintenance and troubleshooting, yearly monitoring of the company’s printing expenditures, and high-quality devices that are within the organization’s budget.

Phoenix Copier leasing services extend assessment from the company’s nature, printers needed according to your budget, number of employees that will utilize the device, and perfect spots in the office for the devices to be placed to improve the workflow of the staff. Moreover, they will also help you get rid of the units that are outdated and no longer serving their purpose in making the office works lighter.

The ink system of your printer is also monitored by your service providers so you don’t have to worry whenever they run out of ink as the toner cartridges will be delivered not only in your doorsteps but directly to the device right away.

Paper jams, shutdowns, and other printing problems could hinder company operations especially to industries where printing vital. If no proper actions are taken immediately, this could result in loss of income. To prevent these from happening, copy leasing companies provide the proper care to the printers from time to time and would immediately come to troubleshoot these devices. Because of this, employees can focus on their specific roles knowing that someone will be there to extend help whenever they encounter problems.

Why multi-functional printers?

With the demand of today’s market, multifunctional printers are the most common printer type your copier lease provider will install in your office. These devices are known not only for their ability to carry out their functions rapidly but for the excellent quality of their outputs as well.

Below are the additional features of multifunctional printers that you need to know:

1. Multifunctional printers can print up to 30 papers in a minute.

2. Multifunctional printers have an auto-document feeder (ADF) and duplex scanning features that could print and scan both sides of your document automatically.

3. Multifunctional printers’ trays can hold up to 500 pieces of paper.

4. The Wi-Fi feature of the device allows multiple connections of gadgets

5. You can transmit data through fax in just 3 seconds.

6. You can direct your scanned files to your email, USB or the cloud system.

Printers have special functions that cover the needs of companies and help their employees increase their productivity. However, most of the organizations fail to track down their printing costs which makes them overlook their unrealized profits and loss.

To help companies with this problem, partnering with Copier leasing services in Phoenix to assess their needs, monitor their devices and provide troubleshooting, and giving them advanced technology that is within their budgets such as the multi-functional printers is the perfect solution that they need. Not only that they will regain their losses, but their office expenses will also be reduced as well.

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