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Nowadays, the use of email is increasing as one of the most important means of transacting business and other urgent operations, but we never forget fax machines too. In case your fax machine ceases functioning, it may indicate that files you are expecting will never come, or the sales order you’ve been waiting will cause delay to your business. At Clear Choice Technical Service, we do our best to give you the fax machine repair and maintenance service you need so that technology issues won’t affect your business no more.

Important features of a fax machine

The basic feature to look at is the printing system. Ordinary office paper is commonly utilized in almost all fax machines specifically the not so expensive brands that utilize thermal printing system. Unfortunately, printouts from this kind do not produce similar quality results as inkjet fax machines. Inkjet faxes, however, are more dependable because these can copy,send documents, and graphics in color. Apart from thermal and inkjet faxes, laser fax machines are also on the market. Laser fax machines are recognized to print sharper text, this is the reason business owners frequently make use of them.

Speed is another thing to be considered. Considering that fax machines are commonly utilized in transacting businesses, these must be dependable in terms of speed. Various models of fax machines differ in speed. 15 seconds per page, is the common pegged for most less costly brands. Fax machines with a greater cost have a speed of three seconds per page. It would be practical for your business to purchase a more expensive fax machines, if your business requires using fax machines regularly, considering this will aid in saving money by  decreased phone fees.

Finally, the storage of the fax machine ought to be considered. Incoming and outgoing pages are saved in the fax machine’s memory. When the fax machine is out of paper, it stores the incoming page and then prints it out when the paper tray is reloaded. The fax machine for your business must have a memory of not less than 512KB. In case that you are able to pay for the more pricey brands with a larger memory varying from 8 MB to 16MB, it will be a lot more cost-efficient for you, mostly if your business transactions relies mostly on fax machines.

How to know if your fax machine is worth fixing?

Most business owners encounter problems like making a decision as to replace they’re fax machines or have it repaired when it is not functioning efficiently. The cost of the service charge and the cost of the parts needed to be replaced are the most important things to be considered before deciding what to do. There are instances that the part costs more than one machine does. In this case, you should consider replacing the machine itself rather than have it fix.

Several fax machine owners sometimes become used to their fax machines and oftentimes they have a hard time replacing their devices. If the model of the fax machine is affordable, then it is time to look for a new one. You should consider service repair if the amount of replacement is more than the amount of the price of the repair and does not need parts replacing. The common range of parts replacement is from $25.00 to $150 depending on the brands.

Clear Choice Technical Service have over 25 years of experience with providing fax machine repair and maintenance and are certain that we are fast and efficient. We will be delighted to offer you service in your office and make repairs on site, or we can get your device and bring it to our fully equipped shop and return it to you with its greatest condition.  If in case your device demands us to take it back to our workshop, we can provide you a temporary fax machine (if available) free of charge while we repair yours.

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