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Four Types of Copiers

Types Of Copiers

DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES use different kinds of copiers or photocopy machines depending on their establishment’s unique needs in terms of document volume and the kind of photocopying done every day. Some companies require a small number of documents to be copied, for instance, bills or accounts. Photocopiers are manufactured in an array of copy speeds and sizes depending on the model.  

Here are four of the many types of copiers available in the market or copiers for lease:

Multi-functional Copiers

From its prefix, “multi”, meaning “multiple” or “many,” this kind of copier does not only copy a document. Aside from photocopying, this can do other functions such as printing, scanning and even faxing. Nowadays, these multifunctional photocopiers have penetrated the market as they appeal more to the buyer’s needs. These are called MFP or Multifunction Printers, Multifunction Products or all-in-one Printers. The latest models that come out of the market are already capable of internet connection, thus, providing great convenience to the users, particularly in a fast document printing and sharing.   

Desktop Copiers

Because these copiers are compact and just small enough to be placed on a bench top or a desk, that explained how it got its name, “desktop model.” With this size, the copier is created for smaller copiers or up to an A4-sized paper, otherwise, it would be too big to fit on a desk and won’t give justice to its name anymore.

Network Copiers

This is another convenient type of copier able to be connected to the office network for remote PC faxing, printing and “scan-to functionality.” Multifunction and digital copiers work through a standard network card built-in, otherwise, it is available as another option.

Digital Copiers

This type of copy machine is the latest version of the old analog machine. Digital copiers commonly used in offices are mostly digital multifunction copiers. These are also available for copiers lease.

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