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How to Choose a Multifunction Copier for Your Business Leave a comment

Photocopiers were once considered as single-function devices. But now, enterprise-grade models can perform a variety of functions. Aside from producing multiple copies of a document or an image, it can also print, scan, or even function as a fax machine. You can purchase them in desktop or free-standing types.

How to Decide on which Multifunction Copier to Purchase


It is one of the most important guiding factors. The cost of the machine will give you a baseline to compare one type from another. And in considering your budget, you also need to include the cost of maintenance and repair. Remember, a complicated copier is more likely to end up with more problems.

Print volume – how many copies do you need to produce in a day? The answer to this question will help you determine the size and functions to look for in a copier.

Paper handling – you need to consider if you will be printing larger pages to determine the capability requirement of the machine. The CPM, or copy per minute, is also an issue if you need to produce copies quickly.

Energy efficiency – while the world becomes technology-savvy, we also want to reduce the environmental damage and energy consumption that come with it. Choose a copier that comes with an ‘Energy Star’ label.

Controls – pick a machine that is easy to use; a model that has intuitive controls will make it easier for everyone who will use it. Make sure to inspect the displays of the copier before purchasing it to maximize its functions.

Other functions – since we’re talking about multi-function copiers, it is important to determine this factor. If you’re going to use it for your business, a multi-function machine is highly recommended. It can handle copying, printing, scanning, and faxing thus helping you save money and space in your office. Another thing that makes a multi-copier machine appealing is its ability to network to all workstations. Once connected, everyone in your office can take advantage of its printing feature.

Common Features of a Multi-function Copier

  • Print and copy speeds of 30 ppm to 42 ppm
  • Ethernet network interface
  • Mobile device printing and scanning
  • Automatic duplex 2-sided printing
  • High-yield replacement cartridge
  • Color touchscreen display

Some machines are equipped with more features, but they also cost more. That’s why it’s important to determine your budget and requirements before shopping for a copier.

The Average Cost of a Multi-function Machine

The cost of a multi-function copier can range from $500 up to $15,000. Some may even cost more and surprisingly, some brands have models that cost less than $500. If you need a copier only for its basic functions or something that can print up to 3,000 pages per month, you need to prepare at least $400 as your budget.

But if you’re going for something that can accommodate at least 15,000 pages per month, you’ll need at least $3,000. Most machines that belong in this price range can already perform a variety of functions such as print, scan or email.

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