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Inkjet vs Copier: The Cost-Efficient Solution

Inkjet Copier

DECIDING BETWEEN an inkjet or a copier? In this case, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both.

Conclusively, it may come down to the initial cost as the deciding factor, in which, no doubt, with its budget-friendly tags, the inkjet surely wins, but if the long-term cost of ownership is to be given weight, the copier should be the top choice. Why is this so?

When it comes to the efficiency of ink usage, inkjets have a higher cost per page due to the inefficient usage of ink. On the other hand, a copier is more efficient on its toner consumption and usage compared to the inkjet. The copier’s cost per page can be relatively less, which results in a total lower cost of ownership over the life of the copier.

In general, inkjet ink cartridges are far more expensive when compared with toner cartridges. But, if you need to do high volume printing that doesn’t really require vibrant colors or detailed images, then despite the lower initial cost, an inkjet printer will prove to be costlier over time when compared with a copier. Toner, on average, is cheaper in the long run for high volume printers because their cartridges can print out hundreds or even thousands of pages in comparison to the ink cartridges.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you are going to print, and how much printing you expect to do. If you print on a frequent basis and aren’t producing documents that are graphically complex, copiers perform best, especially when most printing consists of text documents and spreadsheets. If most of the printing done in your office are spreadsheets and documents, then a copier may be the best option for you.

Overall, a price-by-price comparison between the two favors copiers over inkjets by a mile.

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