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Odd Satisfactions From Everyday Things

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WE ALL FIND odd satisfactions from unconventional ways, and we sometimes do not know why. At times, it gets you thinking if you’re the only one who feels this way about bubble wraps, static sand, or the weird airy clay. Nonetheless, we resort to these ways possibly for comfort and entertainment, because why not?

Anything that works is good right?

As the demand for weird satisfaction increases, oddly satisfying videos have been very famous throughout the internet.

Here are some examples that might hit just the right spot in us:

Visual art is not just for pleasing our aesthetic side, but also for that side of us yearning for odd satisfaction.

For instance, this plotter looks like it came from the plotters repair shop for doing such a good job on this map making. Both the sound of the marker on paper and the sketch makes it pleasing to the senses.

Sometimes, we become happy from breaking things, and these slow motion destructive videos might just do the trick. Things to be broken can range from small balls and normal day-to-day things to the biggest infrastructures in the world.