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Plotters Sharing: Aesthetic Music Videos to Share to Your Art-loving Friends

PLOTTERS ARE NOT only machines that produce art; they can also be art themselves. As machines, they have an external and internal design with components that work together to function in a certain way to attain the ultimate goal: to create art.

If plotters are art, plotters leasing can be likened to sharing art all over the world, and with advanced technology, plotters can be shared easily and quickly through the internet.

One of the most famous forms of art seen and loved by those who frequent the world wide web is actually music videos.

Plotter Sharing

Here are some music videos to share with your aesthetic-loving friends:

  1. All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor

The melody of the song is hauntingly beautiful enough, and the overall theme of the music video complements this just as well. Starring the stunning Regina Spektor, she makes a sort of contemporary performance on minimalist, solid background.

Regina Spektor – “All The Rowboats” [Official Music Video]

     2. This is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco

What’s most interesting about this video is that it was taken using only one, continuous shot. Knowing this only enhances the ingenuity of the entire concept. The music is complemented by the theatrical performance of the band’s lead vocalist, Brendon Urie.

Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

       3. Violet by Hippo Campus

Violet by Hippo Campus is a moving, pastel color palette placed in a video. The unconventional objects that are focused in each of the colors, as well as how they are slowly wrecked through the course of the video, add to its aesthetics.

Hippo Campus – Violet

        4. Loving is Easy by Rex Orange County

Loving is Easy is a stop-motion picture wherein subjects are placed in a cozy living room while playing their respective instruments. How the ornaments and objects in the said living room move on their own add to the peculiarity and uniqueness of the music video.

Rex Orange County – Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings) [Official Video]

       5. Crazy Bird by Wild Child

Filled with snippets of situations that will hardly happen in real life makes it weirdly aesthetic.

Wild Child – Crazy Bird OFFICIAL

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