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Buying a printer up front is a large expense for any business, may it be big or small. Some things need to be considered to make sure that you buy the right machine for your needs and to get your money’s worth, of course.

But if you’re still unsure on which machine to get, why not try renting one first? It will give you more time to make a wise buying decision and help you cut down on your spending too. Copier Leasing allows you to make small fixed manageable payments. It can also reduce your overall tax bill because the cost is deductible as a business expense.

Furthermore, it will also give you access to the latest technology. While in contract, some companies allow their clients to upgrade their machines at a low or no cost at all. Leasing gives you more freedom to update your office equipment as you don’t have to pay the required initial capital outlay to purchase the machine.

Many companies today offer copier and printer rental services to businesses across the country. Most service contracts include maintenance and repair costs that you won’t get if you buy a new machine. You’ll know a good company if they are committed to offering a friendly and professional service that you can trust.

To meet your expectations, let the company know about any specific requirements that you have. If you already have a particular machine in mind, ask if they have it available for rent. Many companies provide a variety of copier and printer rental packages – you can surely find one that meets your circumstances.

Things to Discuss Before Renting a Printer

Renting a printer has many benefits as compared to buying a new one up front. However, make sure to discuss the service contract with the company before signing it. It is important that you understand the company’s terms so as to avoid dealing with, problems later. Ask them how their printer leasing service works – who retains the equipment at the end of the contract and can you upgrade your machine before the contract ends are just some of the questions that you should ask.

How Much Do Printer Rental Services Cost

The following prices are just rough estimates. Companies charge differently for their services, and they also offer different add-ons.

Short Term Rental

  • Black and white copies only – $150 to $180
  • Colored and black & white copies – $200 to $250

Long Term Rental

  • Printer only – $49 to $150
  • Muti-function machine (print, scan, copy, email and fax) – $200 to $300

Some companies offer free delivery, set-up and pick-up after the contract is over but others charge a fee for these services. Supplies, labor and parts are usually included in the contract and if you wish to network the machine to more than one computer, be ready to pay a little bit more. Make sure to ask the company to avoid being surprised by your bill.

You Can Rent a Printer For:

  • Business seminars
  • Remote job
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Hotel functions
  • Media Productions
  • And more

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