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LEXMARK C925 Service Manual and Parts Manual

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Notices and safety information

General information
Options and features
Printer specifications
Tools required for service

Diagnostic information 
POR (Power-On Reset) sequence
Print quality issues
Paper jams
Error codes
1xx / 9xx Error code service checks
Other symptoms
Other service checks

Diagnostic aids
Configuration Menu
Diagnostics mode
Theory of operation

Repair information
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Removal procedures
Cover removals
Top removals
Front Removals
Left side removals
Right side removals
Rear removals
Duplex unit component removals
Paperfeed unit component removals
Paperfeed maintenance kit removals
Option paper feed removals

Connector values
Option feeder locations

Preventive maintenance
Safety inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance


How to use this parts catalog 
Assembly 1: Cover1
Assembly 2: Cover 2
Assembly 3: Duplex components 1
Assembly 4: Duplex components 2
Assembly 5: Paper exit
Assembly 6: Base 1
Assembly 7: Base 2
Assembly 8: Base 3
Assembly 9: Paper feed
Assembly 10: Electrical 1
Assembly 11: Electrical 2
Assembly 12: Upper assembly
Assembly 13: Printhead controller board cables
Assembly 14: Paper trays
Assembly 15: Fuser
Assembly 16: 550 sheet option feeder covers
Assembly 17: 550 sheet option feeder base
Assembly 18: 550 sheet option feeder paperfeed
Assembly 19: 550 sheet option feeder tray
Assembly 20: Maintenance kits, power cords, and options


Part number index

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