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LEXMARK CX820, CX827, XC6152 MFPs Service Manual and Parts Manual

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Product information

Edition notice

Notices, conventions, and safety information
Laser notice
Safety information
General caution statements

Change history
Change history

General information
Printer model configurations
Finding the serial number
Paper and specialty media guide
Data security notice
Tools required for service

Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Troubleshooting overview
Fixing print quality issues
Fixing scan quality issues
Paper jams
User attendance messages
Printer hardware errors
Output option hardware errors
Other symptoms

Service menus
Understanding the printer control panel
Menus list
Diagnostics menu
Configuration Menu
Service Engineer menu

Parts removal
Removal precautions
Removal procedures
Left side removals
Right side removals
Front side removals
Rear side removals
Top side removals
ADF and flatbed removals
550-sheet tray removals
2200-sheet tray removals
Caster base removals
Staple finisher removals

Component locations
Printer configurations
Printer roller locations
Printer sensor locations
Printer motor locations
Power supply locations—Rear
Printer fan locations
ADF roller locations
ADF sensor locations
Staple finisher locations

Scheduled maintenance
Cleaning printer parts

Parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers 1
Assembly 2: Covers 2
Assembly 3: Covers 3
Assembly 4: Control panel
Assembly 5: Duplex
Assembly 6: Left door
Assembly 7: Feeder
Assembly 8: Frame
Assembly 9: Fuser
Assembly 10: Electronics—Front
Assembly 11: Electronics—Rear
Assembly 12: Registration
Assembly 13: Motors
Assembly 14: Printhead
Assembly 15: Toner supply
Assembly 16: Redrive
Assembly 17: Transfer—Front
Assembly 18: Transfer—Rear
Assembly 19: ADF 1
Assembly 20: ADF 2
Assembly 21: ADF 3
Assembly 22: ADF 4
Assembly 23: ADF 5
Assembly 24: ADF 6
Assembly 25: Flatbed scanner 1
Assembly 26: Flatbed scanner 2
Assembly 27: Flatbed scanner 3
Assembly 28: 550-sheet tray
Assembly 29: 550‑sheet tray—Rear
Assembly 30: 550‑sheet tray—Front
Assembly 31: 2200‑sheet tray
Assembly 32: 2200‑sheet tray—Front
Assembly 33: 2200‑sheet tray—Rear
Assembly 34: Caster base
Assembly 35: Cables
Assembly 36: Maintenance kits
Assembly 37: Miscellaneous
Assembly 38: Staple finisher option
Assembly 39: Staple finisher—Covers
Assembly 40: Staple finisher—Front
Assembly 41: Staple finisher—Electrical
Assembly 42: Staple finisher—Rear
Assembly 43: Staple finisher—Tamper
Assembly 44: Staple finisher—Transport
Assembly 45: Staple finisher—Bottom

Printer specifications
Power consumption
Selecting a location for the printer
Noise emission levels
Temperature information
Enabling the security reset jumper

Options and features
Available internal options
Media handling options
Input/output configurations and capacities
Input capacity by paper and source
Output capacity by paper and source
Physical specifications (input options)
Installing optional trays
Adding available options in the print driver

Theory of operation
POR sequence
Print cycle operation
Printer operation
ADF and scanner operation
2200-sheet tray operation
Staple finisher operation



Part number index

Part name index

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