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Talk About Inkjet Printers: Where Did Your Money Go?

Inkjet Printers

POPULAR AMONG home printers, inkjet printers are a staple to almost every household. But you might find one or a few household having more than one inkjet printers… sitting in various deserted and storages places in the house — the attic, garage, or storage room in a corner, stuck and useless.

Consumers need to realize that they are losing more than they think they have by buying all these inkjet printers. They think that because it is cheap when they bought it, they are getting the best value out of their money. But that is far from reality.

The biggest issue of inkjet printers is the cost you will incur in the long run. You can buy the inkjet printer at a cheap price at first, but with the replacement of the cartridges over time, the cartridge costs will exceed the machine cost in no time. And we are not talking about cheap cartridges! The ink cartridges now cost almost as much as the printer. And before you know it, the ink has already run out with very little output.

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