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REPRODUCING a document copy would mean manually writing it down on another piece of paper. Yes, that was how our great ancestors recreated and reproduced manuscripts and other written materials a long time ago.  But not in this generation, what with the development of technology, the copier came to life!

This no-nonsense machine can produce multiple copies of a certain document at an instant. All it needs is a paper and the specimen for copying and you are set to go!

With the copier’s invention, several private and government sectors quickly noticed and utilized the device as they immediately embraced the idea of instant printing and painless copying of documents.

Upon its debut in the market several decades ago, it was introduced to the public as something to reproduce manuals, documents, and other reading materials. With its features, it quickly garnered attention, but it was still limited to photocopying. So the machine was further developed and new features were added to it.

Now, we have copier machines that can print, fax, and scan documents. The function of a separate fax machine, a printer, and a scanner were integrated into one machine allowing it to evolve into a multi-purpose copying and printing machine, and thus, serving a larger array of needs.

With this, people openly utilized the copier machines and services they offer. In fact, the public sees this latest innovation to be more advantageous than having to own separate individual sets of printer, fax and scanner machines, all the more making its space-saving feature very much preferred among businesses requiring immediate and continuous printing and reproducing various paperwork and advertising documents. The same goes for government agencies and educational institutions, to name a few.

From a mere copying piece of equipment, the world now enjoys a machine that offers three major functions. With its capability to print, fax and scan documents, producing thousands of copies all at a push of a button has never been this convenient. Indeed, the copier service is just one of those brilliant ideas that manifest advancement and innovation.  

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