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The Best Way to Handle Your Printer

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If you are reading this, it means that you are searching for answers as to how you can fix your printer. Even if you can seek help from a professional, it is still good to have basic knowledge on how to handle it. It will be more convenient since you will be working closely with the machine.

There are situations that you can handle, which doesn’t require you to be assisted by a technician. Here are some maintenance tips and simple repair worksthat you can do with the printer.

What to do if the primary printer functions seem non-functional?

If some of the functions of the printer don’t seem to do what it’s supposed to – like the copier doesn’t copy and the printer isn’t printing, there are things that you can try first before asking for help. The first thing to try is to reboot the printer; it’s similar to what you do with your computer. First, turn the printer off, pull the plug and then turn the machine back on. Yes, fixing a printer can be as easy as turning the machine off and then turning it back on. It works most the time! But if it doesn’t, call a technician for help.

What to do when lines are visible in the hard copy?

Most of the time, these lines are caused by dirt or ink smudge on the glass. The lines can be seen when you print, copy or fax. It’s a common issue when you have a feeder, having the hard copy scanned across the glass. What you can do is to clean the glass with a cloth and glass cleaner such as Windex or Glass Plus. After doing so, you should no longer see the lines when you print.

What are the other quick and easy fixes that you can do?

When you purchase a printer, you should know the basics as to what the machine needs for maintenance. There are certain things that you should be familiar with once you purchase a machine. An example of this is replacing the machine’s toner. You don’t need professional help in doing this; it is probably the easiest thing to do with your machine.

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the ‘Power’ button
  • Open the printer door to access the cartridges
  • Remove the old cartridge to be replaced
  • Take out the new cartridge, but don’t remove it from its plastic packaging yet
  • Carefully tear off the packaging and pull the colored tab on the cartridge
  • Put the new cartridge in, and you can start printing again

There can also be a time when you have to change the drum. If you’re not confident to do something like this, you can always get someone to assist you. You can even call a technician for assistance and let him teach you how to do it. But knowing how to do it can save you both time and money.

When you purchase your own office equipment, make sure that you have an idea how to handle it. You should at least know the basics on how to fix it, so that you don’t have to waste your time and money just to seek for assistance.

When you are placed in a situation where it requires more tools to fix the machine, it is the right time to make that phone call and ask for help from a professional. Just make sure that you are calling the right organization to get the right service.

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