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Why Is Printer Not Running After Initial Setup?

Printer Not Running

In this era of technological advances, usage of paper documents has been widely replaced by PDFs, e-mails and the likes. This is fueled not only by the many advantages of using electronic documents because of its portability and accessibility but of increased environmental campaigns to reduce paper consumption. However, one can only appreciate the many marvels technology can offer when all of its systems are running smoothly and quickly. But when unexpected issues about its hardware or software that most people know nothing about, unnecessary or even costly nuances are experienced.

In some instances; however, the underlying problem might just be a wrong technical setup. Explained below are tips and tricks in order to avoid common mistakes when installing printers in your respective home or office.

Incorrect Wire Connections

Inside the box, a cable should be found as an inclusion to the machine. It might usually be a USB cable but sometimes it can be a usable Ethernet cable. There are two ends that should be connected into the printer while the other end should be plugged to a laptop, desktop or PC, router and the likes.

For some models that offer a wireless feature, setting it up can be a tad challenging to say the least. Thus, you’ll have to take time to read through the instructions or manual that came along with the printer. Most devices will have to require you to enable its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features so that it can be connected to the right network.

Wrong Image Quality Setup

Taking more than minute to realize that your project looks unsatisfying or worse, sloppy? Take a look at your printer’s settings and you might discover that its setup might be wrong. Laser printers require you to initially adjust the fuser in order to type the paper type that you’ll use.

Final output still looks disastrous? Its time to check the toner cartridges or imaging units. Accidentally damaging a component while setting up the machine may cause horrible results. Parts and components may vary by model or manufacturer so take time to read the manual for the right one if you need replacement.

Software Not Installed Properly

Before it operates properly, printers require appropriate drivers and software to be installed to the device. In older models, storage devices like CDs or DVDs are utilized. However, it might now be outdated so you’ll have to check online your printer’s latest version of drivers or software before downloading it. You might also want to visit the manufacturer’s website for a direct link to download its necessary file.

There are two common choice of drivers high-end lasers and select inkjet printers have. These are known as PCL and PostScript. These two drivers can aid your printing needs when your printer’s manufacturer’s own drivers can’t keep up with your preferences. PostScript is great for graphic intensive printing works, while PCL is ideal for efficient and fast office work. All you have to do is pick one that you think best suits your printing needs.

Others might enjoy setting up their printer because they believe it is as easy as 1,2,3. However, setting one up is a meticulous process and being careless could result in committing some mistakes. Only professional printers repair services should do the meticulous job.