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3 Printer Issues That Tell You Have Slow-Performing Printer

Printers Issues

Photocopiers play an important part in an office setup. These machines are expected to make copying tasks easier and faster for the employees. However, if your photocopier is no longer working as efficiently as before then it fails to serve its purpose. It might require the expertise of printers maintenance services professionals. A slow copier in the office may also slow down productivity and cause frustration among the employees. Keeping an inefficient copier may ruin your business by costing your more with slower flow of profits.

Slow copiers need to be fixed immediately to prevent any business loss. But can you revive a slow copier back to its original speed? What are the ways to fix a copier?

It could be traced back to the type of photocopier you are using in the office.

In general, inkjet photocopiers are known to experience more speed lags compared with the laser type. Older inkjet models are all the more susceptible to this. Due to this, manufacturers worked double time to produce better performing inkjet copiers. The latest models can print faster at a speed of 75ppm (pages per minute). Getting a newer model might be the first thing you need to consider.

Software updates are essential. The outdated printer driver could be the reason behind its slow performance. Printer driver and the software must be constantly updated whenever updates are available. A slow copier may be caused by an outdated driver leading to poor performance or worse, it could stop producing copies, so updating the print driver may resolve the problem. Latest software versions are available online on the manufacturer’s website.

Takes longer time to warm up

Generally, copiers take time to warm up in order to get it ready for tasks. It has to do with how printers work. Once plugged, depending on the manufacturer’s heat requirements, the machine will wait until warm enough for its fuser to melt the carbon powder which is used for the printing. This is also the reason why fresh copies from the machine are warm to touch.

One indication that the fuser is wearing out is if it requires longer than its usual time to warm up. In order to ensure that the fusers are kept in good working condition, experts recommend regular maintenance check. A power source which is delivering low power may also be a reason for longer warm-up time.

Slow network connection

Wireless connectivity feature elevates the modern copiers from the older models. Yet, this may also be a cause of slow production. Poor internet connection can affect the consistency of data flow being sent to the printer. Sometimes it causes delay or errors to occur during printing. A wireless printer requires strong internet connection for it to operate efficiently.

Display screen takes time to appear

Modern printers are equipped with electronic display panel to make it easier to manage. However, if the display screen is taking a lifetime before it appears then it will eat up time you have allocated for your tasks. It causes printing delays while bringing frustration from employees who are working on meeting a certain deadline.

Some of the reasons behind a slow copier are not that complex. It can even be resolved without getting help from printers maintenance services professionals. It is just important to realize the need for regular checkup of your machines to keep it in good condition.