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3 Things To Expect From A Wireless Printer

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3 Things To Expect From A Wireless Printer

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People assume that having a wireless printer and a wireless computer immediately means that they are ready to go automatically. Most people also think that these two pieces of equipment should be able to talk to each other because they are both wirelesses. Well, these two devices actually work through your wireless router. 

Wireless Printers Go Through Your Network and Router 

Wireless printers have wireless adapters that allow them to access your wireless network through your internet router. The router is the device that is connected to your modem that lets you tap into the power of the internet. 

So, what might sound like a disadvantage in not being able to talk between your printer and laptop turns out to be a massive advantage. It is much better to have everything connected to your wireless network because it allows you and everyone who works in your office to scan, print and email remotely. 

Another great aspect of being able to access your wireless printer through a wireless network is that you can get all of the benefits of multifunction printers with laptops, computers, and smart devices. The important thing is to maintain a very strong connection between your wireless network and your printer through your wireless router. 

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Small Footprint 

One massive advantage of a wireless printer is the fact that you can store it anywhere that you can pick up an internet connection. This is what the business owners love. Without a wireless printer, you would usually have to plug your printer into a computer using an Ethernet cable or USB. That reduces your options for where the printer could be placed. 

With a wireless printer, you can have greater latitude and you can place your wireless printer anywhere within range of the network and anywhere where a stable power supply happens to be. The newest color copiers in the market can fit on the end of a desk or a corner of the office and it can handle dozens of pages per minute of network scanning. That is a lot of firepower at your disposal. 

Flexibility with Security 

Regardless of whether the other people in your office are connecting to the network through a wired Ethernet connection or through the network and your internet router, they will be able to use your printer once you configure it and you install the software. Especially when it comes to an extra device in the office going on the wireless network, people are cagey about the security of the wireless printers. 

The great news is that your wireless printer will go through the same safeguards and it will be protected by it, like any other wireless computer on the network. Owning a wireless printer on your network does not make the network less secure for anyone on the network. 

The Benefits of Going Wireless

One of the main benefits of going wireless is that it allows you to have more devices connected to printers. This is thanks to wireless technology, so laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, and other devices can now be connected to printers. Imagine having to plug an Ethernet cable into your smartphone. 

Another great benefit of wireless connectivity is that it allows your devices to move about freely without being tied down with cords. The cords and the routers are needed to connect numerous devices to previous generations of printers, thus adding to the clutter of an office and it dictated how people needed to arrange an office. If you go cordless, a business could save money, time and space. 

One of the other reasons why going cordless is helpful is that it solves the issue of obsolete cord and wire systems. Previously, anyone who wanted to upgrade their wired devices had to consider if the new ones will be able to connect to the old printer. With wireless connectivity, connecting to a printer is possible with any operating system, brand, or format. 

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