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4 Things To Look For In A Copier For Small Businesses Leave a comment

Back in the day, there was a distinction between copy machines and printers, but now most of the printers are digital, and they are multifunctional. They can print, scanfax, copy, download, and email. Most of them are leased or owned. Some models can also store data, codes, make multiple copies at a time, sort, full-bleed print, stape, make around three-hole punches, and they can print transparencies. Others can offer features that will help you cut your cost and improve productivity in your business. These include image editing, wireless connectivity, security features like energy savings, and biometric authentication. 

Different variety of copiers that are found on the market can make buying one a daunting task. Here are the four things that you need to consider before purchasing a copy machine for your small business. 


Some copiers are made for small office and home offices. They are typically desktop size to save space. These types of copiers are not as expensive as the large ones, and low-priced desktop copiers are made for occasional use, and they do not meet the needs of small businesses. 

Office copiers are larger, and they are freestanding. These copiers are built to suit the needs of businesses, especially those with a lot of employees. Copiers like these can be networked, and they include a lot of scanning, faxing, and printing capabilities, you can also print on different paper sizes. 

If you think that your business needs high-volume printing, advanced document-finishing options, and professional-grade graphics, then you need a production printer. These printers offer high-resolution prints. The cost depends on the features, but entry-level production machines are more expensive than desktop size printers and office copiers. 

Estimate your overall printing volume

Before purchasing or leasing a printer, it is crucial to look at the printing habits of your business and what you print every day. If you need prints of documents occasionally for record purposes, then what you need are different than businesses that send out printed mail materials constantly. 

You should also look at the quality of the printed documents that you need. Check if regular printing is good enough or if you need colored ones too, ask if you need different types of finishes and if you need mobile printing. You should make a complete list of all the features that you need in a copier before you start your search. 

Go for mid-range models.

If you need to print numerous documents every day or if you print materials regularly, then you need to invest in high quality and costly, professional copiers. With a paperless environment and lots of document sharing, sending, and cloud storage ways that are available, you may not need to invest much. There are a lot of mid-range copiers that offer all of the features that most small businesses need. If you think that you need more features and that you need to print high volumes of documents, then you may need to invest more. 

You must also remember to avoid low-cost models. Although it is nice to save money, a lot of them that falls into the bargain basement require extra repairs, and they need to be replaced after using it in a short period of time. These low-cost copiers do not give you the quality that you need. 

Get advice from a professional

If you have gone through all of the options and have learned about the different copiers already and you are still not sure about which one to get, you can outsource this process and consult a professional. They can help you look for a copier that will suit your business’ needs and match you with the copier and other hardware and software devices.

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