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A Printer’s Ideal Counterpart for Huge Marketing Visuals

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IT IS A GIVEN knowledge by many that the huge vibrant posters we see along the highways, generally used as marketing visuals are printed out by a conventional-type of printer that uses toner. However, these types of printers do not really have the capability of producing a great quality of work especially when the visuals are blown up in a hundred folds. Conventional printers usually destroy the image as it could not meet the ideal resolution required. In this case, a plotter can do what an ordinary printer can not.

In fact, most oversized posters, banners, highway billboards and other huge visuals with high file resolutions are some of the outputs produced by a plotter.

What is a plotter? A plotter is a piece of equipment that shares the same function as the printer, and therefore, like the printer, it is also connected to and operated by the computer. Particularly, a plotter prints out vector graphics or images. This is a kind of image made with lines that begins and ends with points. But unlike the conventional printer that uses a toner to create a series of dots on a paper, a plotter makes use of markers. This could be in a form of a pencil or pen or any other writing instrument. It then creates and prints several lines in a paper.

Hence, a plotter is a type of printer that works pretty well on gigantic surfaces. While traditional printers lost good resolution on huge papers and could not produce a great quality of output when on printing on surfaces other than paper or any paper material, plotters, on the other hand, maintains high resolution regardless of how huge the paper size is. Furthermore, plotters can print into anything with a flat surface; for instance, on a cardboard, a plastic material, aluminum, plywood and sheet steel. Another advantage of a plotter is its capacity to draw similar pattern so many times without ruining its image resolutions.

Yes, plotters can print in high-resolution format resulting in a very vivid visual with a great quality. It is not a wonder then that while many manufacturers were already phasing this device out, there are still few shops that offer plotter printing services and plotters repair.

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