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When you’re in the business industry, you need to have the right equipment to have an efficient work environment. One of the most useful office tools is the scanner. However, choosing the right one for you largely depends on the volume of scanning work involved and the kind of material you are going to scan every day.

For some, they use the scanner for:

  • scanning books
  • business cards
  • photos
  • patient and client records

These factors will influence the kind of scanner you need to buy. Also, it will define the size and type of scanner you need to purchase or lease – if you want to opt for the copier leasing option. Most scanners can scan any document, but different types and sizes are designed to cater various scanning purposes.

Tips in Choosing the Best Scanner for Your Business

While there are so many kinds of scanners, you have to choose the right one – a scanner that can perform the needed job for your business. Here are some of the things that you should consider:

Assess scanning needs. The first thing that you must consider in choosing the right scanner is to plan what you are going to scan. Once this is answered, you already have the needed information to assess what kind of scanner and features that go with it. Most business establishments need scanners for documents and photos. But if your business requires scanning books, magazine excerpts, and film slides, you need a more specialized scanner. Some of the materials for scanning are sensitive, and you will need a different design for these features.

Determine if there is a need to buy a flatbed. A flatbed for a scanner is necessary when materials for scanning are sensitive or can be damaged easily like original photos, 3D objects or bound material. You also need a flatbed for photos and stamps even if they can be scanned using a feed sheeter because they are at higher risk of damaging by going through the whole scanning process. However, if your business scans these kinds of materials occasionally, then you can just buy or use a sheet-fed scanner including a plastic carrier so that the original copies will be protected. On the other hand, if the nature of your business scans these kinds of materials, then you should invest in buying a flatbed.

Consider investing in a scanner duplex. A scanner duplex allows you to scan both sides at once. If your business needs a sheet feeder, an automatic document feeder, and you plan on scanning documents with print on both sides on a regular basis, then it’s advantageous to own a scanner duplex. Also, buying a scanner duplex allows you to save time on scanning documents that have prints on both sides.

The key to making work easier in your business is to identify the capacity of each piece of equipment. If a scanner plays an important part in your business operation, you should opt for the best or the latest technology that can perform some tasks. In that way, you can save money and time. The cost may be higher than the traditional scanners you can find anywhere. But in the long run, you will reap more benefits from it.

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