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Cloud Computing: All You Need To Know

Cloud Computing

Many people are asking, “what the cloud is?” Is it safe to use for personal purposes and businesses? Would your data be absolutely secured through its aid? Why would you use the service in the first place? Before anything else, you should know that the “cloud” is totally different from what we know of the global internet. Yes, it is true that there are parts of the cloud that can be accessed through the internet, but they are two completely different things.

So what is the “cloud” then?

Cloud computing for businesses allows access to software on the internet as a safe way to store and share data and other it services. It also enables access to the server, database, and application resources. Specific application services will be found either over a private, public, or combinations of both networks. Some examples of platforms that offer public clouds, which you may know already, include Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Other options for the groups of services that provided cloud computing include IaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Each of these also has subcategories that will make your cloud computing services options appear to be varied and plenty from different “cloud” providers.

Why you need “cloud”?

The services brought by “cloud” are accessible anytime and anywhere for the completion of your specific tasks. It is so convenient to use, which can lead to a reduced number of workstations and allow employees work from their homes. Cloud computing also offers diminished costs since you will not be needing to pay for the hardware and overall data center. Those are expensive as you know, as well as the other expenses like energy consumption. Also, you need to buy the appropriate equipment and hire staff to install and maintain it for you.

If you opt to avail cloud computing, you will only pay for the specific services that you will be needing. You do not have to worry about the changing needs of the servers, storage, and licenses that you have purchased, because your provider will arrange the scaling of your “cloud” for you. All the updates for your information technology needs are automatically accessed and included in the service fee.

Another advantage of availing cloud computing is the backup storage that it provides. The data that you upload will always be there as long as you are connected to the internet. You will never lose any data through the “cloud” because of its additional disaster recovery features. Even if you experience any natural disaster, power failures, and the likes, your data is adequately backed up and protected. It will also ensure the security of your data due to its anti-breaching of security measures.

Cloud Computing For Business

Collaboration between staff members and business owners becomes so easy because of cloud computing. To use the “cloud,” all you need is a reliable internet connection and a high-performing service provider. Your team’s performance will significantly improve because of the convenient sharing and storing of data on the “cloud.” The communication with your fellow collaborators, most importantly, will be efficient; thus, allow a productive completion of every project. Call us now for more information.